michaelmonaco11.jpgWith only five races gone so far in this seasons Formula 1 championship, and Michael Schumacher disappointingly keeping a low profile at the back of the Ferrari Garage instead of unwittingly instigating controversies as he is want to do on occasion, it was only going to be a matter of time before the rumour mill cranked back into action and started churning out baseless rumours and utter garbage.

Apart from Ron Dennis making a public twit of himself as usual, and Kimi Raikkonen disappearing off from the circuit at random intervals to watch Ice Hockey during the Grand Prix, the Media has had very little of interest to write about just lately. So it comes as no surprise that silly season has begun already. Not only is Ralf Schumacher (F1’s third fastest driver) apparently getting turfed out of Toyota on his head onto the scrapheap of nearly has-been’s, but on the back of McLaren’s 1-2 at Monaco it is rumoured Lewis Hamilton was not best impressed at holding station and playing second fiddle to Fernando Alonso, and is subsequently sticking two fingers up at Ron Dennis and leaving quick-sticks for Ferrari.

lewishamiltonmonaco.jpgObviously the Motorsports Media believes this would be an ideal solution to replace the underperforming Kimi Raikkonen who is still struggling to get to grips with his switch to the Maranello based team, and give Lewis Hamilton the chance to go for victories. Quite where this leaves poor Kimi we are not quite sure, presumably advertising Roll Mop Herrings pickled in Vodka on Finnish TV. Right. It’s not like the Media to take 2 and 2 and come up with 27 is it? Presumably this has all been fuelled by the simple fact Ferrari CEO Jean Todt made some pleasant remarks about the young Englishman in the FIA Press Conference on Thursday prior to the Monaco Grand Prix. We can’t help but feel if the drivers swapped seats everytime a team boss made a remark about them, F1 would be playing perpetual musical chairs…and Torro Rosso’s Scott Speed would be working in McDonald’s flipping Burgers.

Still it is not all doom and gloom at McLaren. This afternoon the FIA vindicated the Woking based team for their race strategy and actions at the Monaco Grand Prix. While we would really have liked to see Ron get a smack on the hand for bringing the sport into disrepute (purely because we don’t like him) we can’t help but feeling common sense prevailed, otherwise the FIA would be investigating just about every team in F1. And really we have to remember it’s Ron that keeps the FIA in work thanks to his constant barrage of complaints about Ferrari, otherwise we would all be picking up the tab for the pensions for all these old farts. No doubt Retentive Ron will be strutting about more smug and pompous than ever, but where would we be without our F1 pantomime baddies? Flavio is getting on a bit and can’t do it all by himself.

Unfortunately for the British Media the furore they created in the first place has back-fired spectacularly and they have been left looking like a bunch of hysterical, over-sensitive partisan drama queens without a clue about the sporting rules, nothing new there then.

redbullgives-uwings.jpgMeanwhile it seems the FIA has its hand’s full with other problems. In the wake of fresh complaints within the sport about moveable aero-dynamic devices (namely flexi-wings) the FIA will be instigating new stricter rear-wing tests from the start of the Canadian Grand Prix. This comes in response to several complaints being made about the rear-wing on the Red Bull vehicle by several F1 teams. FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting has written to all of the teams involved in the sport, informing them that from Canada onwards the FIA will allow only 2mm of rear-wing moment under load compared to the previous 5mm. The clampdown obviously coming into force before a race where flexi-wings would give greatest speed advantage without effecting downforce. Here at FFN we are wondering where the Fundamentally Idiotic Association has been hiding all these years, don’t they know Red Bull can give you Wiiiings?