nandohamilton.jpgAfter spending close to a month on vacation (during which I spent more than half the time sick and missed two races to add to it), I am now really looking forward to a more relaxed routine – working during weekdays and watching races during weekends. Hopefully I will not be taking any more vacations for the next year and a half – they are too darned stressful really.

It looks like I haven’t missed much though – just the same old rehashed a bit if you know what I mean. A Ferrari driver parked his car at Rascasse, Ferrari’s performance at Monaco was nothing to write home about, Ferrari and McLaren are still batlling for the championship with Kimi Raikkonen doing all he humanly can to make his an especially uphill battle. Willi Weber thinks Ralf Schumacher is in a downward spiral (which is a bit surprising really because Ralf has been in a downward spiral as far back as I can remember…well, last couple of years at least), the media has been working itself up into a collective epileptic attack over Lewis Hamilton, Alonso thinks he is better than everybody else put together and Ron Dennis has been spouting more nonsense than what is usual even by his standards. You see? All in all, status quo.

By the way, I am beginning to think my unprecedented missing of two races is somehow inexplicably linked to Michael Schumacher’s presence in the same two races as Ferrari advisor, just the same way Kimi Raikkonen’s performance is supposedly linked according to the media. Well why not? The former is at least as logical as the latter.

After finishing 10th, 8th, 9th, 7th and 13th in his first five races, Heikki Kovalainen claims he has a (healthy?) dislike for Nelson Piquet Jr., and one can easily imagine why. Seldom has a driver professed brotherly love for someone likely to replace him in the near future. Still, on being asked  to choose between former drivers Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet, Kovalainen replied – “To be honest, I don’t really know them so well, but I don’t really like Piquet Jr. so much, so maybe Mansell”. Now there, tut tut…you cannot judge the father by the son really. Just imagine what we would all make of Giles Villeneuve then…and I will leave you on that horrifying note. Forza.