Poor old Kimi Raikkonen. Not only is he enduring a wobbly start to his first season at Ferrari, and has the tifosi on his back night and day constantly carping about his performances and commitment not to mention his roll mop herrings, but it seems wherever the Flying Finn goes he cannot escape former F1 World Champions popping up out the woodwork determined to give him their advice. They just won’t bloomin retire properly will they?

mika.jpgWhile trying his best to ignore Michael Schumacher who keeps turning up at Ferrari like someone’s ex-girlfriend who won’t get the message (although I can’t recall Kimi and Michael dating but you never can tell…) it now seems former McLaren driver and world champion Mika Hakkinen and Monaco taxi-driver has joined in as well.

According to Mika, he warned Kimi that it would be a mistake to leave McLaren and head off to Ferrari. The previous Double World Champion advised the young Finn that his best chances of winning the World Championship would be if he remained faithful to McLaren and refrained from changing teams. However we can kind of understand Kimi’s decision to quit McLaren, five minutes in the company of Ron Dennis is probably enough to send most people scurrying for the exit vowing never to return, let alone five or more years…which would be enough torture for just about any sane being with their head on the right way (Although we are still debating what exactly is going inside Kimi’s apart from Ice Hockey, Vodka and Yacht’s).

Mika claims he advised the young Kimster that winning a World Championship was like a spiders web, it takes time and many strands to be successful. During Kimi’s 5 years at McLaren, the team endured mixed fortunes, coming close to winning the championship on two occasions. Mika Hakkinen advised Kimi that the team had a way of turning its fortunes around and that Kimi’s best chances of fulfilling his ambition to become champion would be to stay. But you know Kimi, he never listens to anyone apparently….

So it must seem fairly ironic to Kimi now, that after five years of bad luck at his previous team, that the minute he is out the door and sharp-sticks to Ferrari, McLaren suddenly are enjoying one of their strongest F1 seasons in many years. Meanwhile Kimi is languishing in fourth place in the drivers standings, struggling to get to grips with the change to his new team and car, and having to endure Ron Dennis’ irritating displays of fawning all over his new drivers like a love-sick bulldog.

It seems it’s not just previous World Champions queuing up to get a dig in either, with former Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine getting his twenty cents in on the subject….and it’s not like our Eddie to be outspoken is it? (he always was more mouth than trousers).

The Ulsterman has admitted to being very unimpressed with Kimi’s performances thus far and added “I don’t know what that’s all about – he’s going to have to get his act together or stop drinking because if he’s not winning he can’t be drinking.” Do we presume Eddie is whittering on about the podium celebrations? seems if you don’t get in the top three you don’t get your bottle of bubbly stuff…..

Would anyone else like to dish out a bit of advice for Kimi? Mrs. Ecclestone perhaps? a few random track stewards? the guy who sells burgers to the fans in the grandstands?

kimimonaco.jpgHere at FFN we are completely nonplussed why the likes of Eddie think the Kimster is going to take the first bit of notice of someone who has only won four races, when he completely ignores someone who has won 91 and 7 World Championships to boot (Michael just in case you were wondering).

Meanwhile Kimi it seems is doing what he does best (ignoring everyone as usual) and is off tomorrow to take part in a rare PR event on behalf of Ferrari and Bridgestone at a local school in Montreal, Canada. Kimi will be talking to the 400 school children about what it is like to be a Former 1 driver, what the job involves (assuming he actually knows if his critics are to be believed) and answering their questions. Presumably the Kimster will do very well in this feat, as he neither gives long elaborate answers and mumbles alot…so he will go down a storm with a bunch of sulky teenagers.

Forza Kimi!