Kimi Raikkonen has the championship situation all analyzed and sorted out. “For sure we want the close the gap rather than fall further behind” he says, which is a relief (I am sure you will agree). At least now we know he does intend to try and compete for the championship. The thing with Kimi is he is so poker-faced that one never knows what the deuce he is trying to do. “It is hard to imagine that every other driver will manage to go through the whole year without these problems” he adds, though it is not so hard to imagine really for us here at FFN. In fact we can quite easily imagine Fernando Alonso making it through the entire year without running into a wall. But of course it is easy to empathize with Kimi here – after spending five years at McLaren with close to a 50% retirement ratio, he no doubt feels it is only a matter of time before the McLaren cars start exploding at regular intervals of time. We can but hope.

Kimi made an appearance at the Coronation school in Montreal, and seemed to take the PR event in stride like just about everything else. “Usually sometimes in some schools the kids can meet some people” he says, and you have to agree that the statement is true even if it is a bit too generic for our taste. He sounds confident about the weekend – “we have a good strong package and we have every chance to win”, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for Kimi. With Felipe Massa opining that the dismal performance in Monaco will somehow enhance the form in Canada, things are looking good for Ferrari.

By the way, if you happen to see a racing driver in a white and red racing suit wearing a pink helmet, don’t be alarmed – it is just Trulli. After his good friend Danilo di Luca won a cycling race wearing a similar colored helmet, Trulli is convinced that all  that is stopping him from becoming a grand prix winner for Toyota is the distinct lack of pink helmets in his wardrobe. Something he has promptly corrected by procuring a goodish supply of the same. Let’s hope for our sakes that no one wins anything in a lilac racing suit. We don’t want the starting grid looking like a darned flower show, do we?

One last titbit for the day – Switzerland has lifted the ban on motor racing after a recent census revealed that more than 50% of its population constitutes racing drivers from various racing categories aiming to save a bit of tax money. “We were scared of hooligan driving on the roads” says an opposing politician, “But with (above mentioned) current statistics, what chance do we have”. Forza.