You know all is not right with the world when Ron Dennis claims to have been bitten by the compassion bug…especially towards a Ferrari driver (albeit a former McLaren one). “I wish Kimi were having a better time” says Dennis, and when you consider that Kimi having a good time translates to Ferrari winning, it doesn’t take rocket science to realize Dennis wishes nothing of that sort whatsoever. Call me a cynic, but when one talks about the milk of human kindness, Ron Dennis is not the name that immediately pops to the head. Especially when there is nothing really to feel sorry for coming to think of it. So Kimi had a couple of bad races, but I bet it won’t be long before he is racking up silver pots in his living room cabinet. At least Kimi didn’t make an ass of himself shooting off his mouth to the media and then having his own team investigated by the FIA for team orders.

Or maybe that’s just Ron trying to be funny. Because he also claims that Juan Pablo Montoya is a thick friend and they still have conversations whenever Montoya is not catering to his gastric demands (i.e., on rare occassions). “Without exception I would say everyone of them is still a friend, even Juan Pablo who sought a career in America and there was a difficult end to the relationship” says Ron, “But it was not one that was painful enough to damage the friendship”. No? I would have thought kicking someone out of the team usually damages the friendship, but what do I know.

Meanwhile, can someone please ask the British media to calm down and take a few deep breaths? We do know and acknowledge that Lewis Hamilton is a special talent, but really…this nuisance ought to cease. When you read a series of headlines that go “Villeneuve critical of Hamilton”, “Webber defends Hamilton”, “Wurz defends Hamilton”, “Fisi defends Hamilton”, “Massa defends Hamilton”, “Heidfeld defends Hamilton”, “Kimi refuses to comment on Hamilton”, “Cleaning Lady thinks Hamilton is God”, then the mind does begin to reel a bit. The poor drivers must be wondering just what it would take to be asked questions on the race again (instead of that on the blessed LH).

Meanwhile, Hamilton feels McLaren is not really favoring Alonso. “I have got a real strong belief in the team. No one is biased; they are very, very level and very equal”. That’s the McLaren PR at work for you…the same one that has Dennis claiming JPM is his best friend. Let’s see how it goes in the race.