Have you ever wondered what Mark Webber does when he is not shooting off his mouth to the media about things that are really none of his business? No? Well, neither have I…but apparently he goes about brake-testing unsuspecting F1 drivers and breaking their nose cones. Scott Speed, Webber’s latest victim, claims he has never seen such a strange act in his long and illustrious F1 career (probably owing to a short nap during Hungary 2006 when Alonso did the same to Doornbos). “”At the end of the session, for some reason I don’t understand, Mark did the most strange thing I have seen since I’ve been in Formula One” says poor Scott, “I’ll be interested to see what Mark has to say about that”. Yes, what Mark said about that did turn out to be quite interesting actually. “I was going slowly” admits the ever-honest Webber, “but it was very interesting to see his driving style on the in-lap, he probably had his iPod going as well”. Now, isn’t there a rule out there somewhere that says however interesting the driving style of the car in your rear-view mirror is, you are not allowed to slow down on the racing line to observe the same? The stewards might want to have a quick word with Webber about that, though he might get away with it considering STR will hardly want Red Bull penalized.

 Michael Schumacher (former Ferrari driver and 7 times world champion and so on), was present at the Canadian GP and appeared to be thinking long and hard after his morning tea, but it is not known if he has found the solution to curb the McLaren resurgence. One easy solution of course is to just stick him in the car, but sadly Schumi feels differently about it. Anyway, Alonso finished on top in both the practice sessions, and McLaren appears to be very strong here as well – definitely not good news whichever way you look at it. The Ferrari boys appear confident though, and Massa thinks he can fight for pole, while Kimi no doubt feels it might be a good idea to actually participate in the championship for a change. “We got through a lot of work during these three hours of free practice, trying various different set-ups on the car,” says Massa, “At the end, on new tyres, I managed to post a competitive time, which is encouraging for the rest of the weekend”.

Toyota believe the car might have a slight suspension problem after Trulli‘s front right suspension broke twice on the same kerb at turn 8. “If you are a driver then things can happen once, but when it happens again you will start thinking twice” says Trulli, and continued to wax on about run-off areas, danger, fate and question marks. If the team doesn’t have an answer by tomorrow, they might be forced to withdraw their cars. Which might not be a bad thing for Ralf as it might save him another embarassing weekend. And he can have lunch and dinner with his brother, which is a decided plus. Hamilton can expect a few cold words from Adrian Sutil after referring to back-markers as ‘monkeys’. Sutil knows his primates well, and strongly disagrees. “We are not monkeys. Full stop” states Sutil firmly, “I will speak to him later about that”. Good for you, Sutil! Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso of “I do not consider F1 a sport any longer” fame (or infamy) thinks Hamilton must think before he speaks to the media as his comments during the press conference might have triggered the Monaco team-order controversy. A bit rich coming from Nando (who has been credited with more half-witted statements than you can shake a stick at), what?

Here’s hoping for a Ferrari 1-2 this weekend! Forza.