We hope you didn’t miss the qualifying session held today. Not that it was particularly interesting, but just that the way the season’s been going till now – that might be the only action for the weekend. You do know that the only racing that will happen on race day will be till the first corner, after which everyone will hold position and drive home safely. Thanks but no thanks to the now not-so-new points system, who the heck wants to win when you can get 8 points by just cruising around in circles? “If I’m not P1 and I’m not fighting with the main opponents like Ferrari or BMW, I will not risk anything” says Fernando Alonso, “I need the eight points. I need to win the championship in Brazil, not here”. Erm…all right then.

Lewis Hamilton will be P1 on the starting grid tomorrow, and really his consistency doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. He might very well go on to be the next in the list of F1 greats, the only hitch being he drives for McLaren which means close association with Ron Dennis. Hamilton has stated that he will speak cautiously in the future (after the Monaco controversy), but dear Ron of course feels no such compulsion. Ron has stated that McLaren will control the race again if needed – “They will be allowed to race, full stop, up to any point that we feel it is strategically right to protect our finishing positions” – which in Ron language translates to the first corner. Pity. The Wall of Champions might very well play a vital role tomorrow, especially considering Alonso is the only champion around. But that’s just wistful thinking. 😉

Nick Heidfeld (still suffering from the affliction of facial fungus) has bisected the McLarens and the Ferraris on the starting grid for tomorrow, but will he be pitting on the second lap for fuel? “I cannot tell you anything on strategy,” says Heidfeld, “but being P3 is nice whatever (little?) fuel I have”. Enough said. And as for the Ferraris, the less said the better. Of course there’s always hope that the team has a strategic gem up the sleeve, but it seems rather unlikely despite what young Felipe would have us believe. Sugarpuff though has complete faith in Luca Baldisserri, his coloring book and strategy crayons, so keeping fingers crossed. Kimi and Felipe will start from P4 and P5 respectively.

Trulli’s front right suspension managed to hold itself together as he progressed to Q3, while teammate Ralf was clearly not willing to put himself through all the trouble of Q2 and Q3, settling instead for an early lunch with his brother. Fisichella finished in the top 10 as well, and Kovalainen was so busy crashing into barriers multiple times from various angles that he didn’t quite have the time to set a fast enough lap to progress to Q2. At least it was entertaining to watch (though Flavio clearly didn’t think so, and was seen frothing at the mouth a bit). Rosberg and Webber continue their domination over their respective teammates, while David Coulthard made a few trips off the grass straying into the race track inadvertantly on rare occasions.

Webber seems to be of the opinion that Scott Speed can drive a F1 car, listen to his iPod and catch up on his afternoon siesta all at the same time, but the stewards didn’t quite think so and blamed Webbo entirely for the Friday practice incident, ‘reprimanding’ him for dangerous driving. Scott Speed did well to progress to Q2, despite the shock of not only having his nose-cone chopped off by a sister car but also being accused of sleep-driving on top of it all. Clearly STR has made some progress, with both cars making it to Q2. The same cannot be said of Honda, and they continue their disappointing form.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the race, the safety car might throw up a few interesting possibilities. And then there is always the Wall of Champions.