It has been a weekend of penalties. It all first started off with Sam Michael being fined for being late for the FIA press conference, and then it was Heikki’s turn to land the usual 10 place grid penalty for blowing an engine. The race itself saw a slew of penalties handed out to Alonso, Rosberg, Massa and Fisichella – a couple of black flags included. The latest rumor circulating in the paddock is that the stewards have banned former multiple world champion Michael Schumacher from attending the next two races for showing up in Canada wearing this atrocious piece of…well, I suppose you could loosely call it shorts. Ferrari team boss Jean Todt has confirmed that Ferrari will accept Felipe’s black flag (“he was not paying attention”), but is hoping that the stewards will reverse their decision on Michael. We will keep you updated.

Ron Dennis feels the new safety car rules are unfair, and much to my surprise I find myself agreeing with him (Aside: Did you know Kubica’s doctor in Canada is named Ronald Denis? Now, what are the odds really?). It somehow doesn’t seem right that Alonso and Rosberg should be penalized for running out of fuel just about the same time when Sutil deemed it fit to trash his car and end his race. This is a bit like saying “Whenever Charlie Whiting sneezes, cars in the 4th, 7th and 13th positions will suffer a stop-and-go penalty”, if you see what I mean. It is understandable that the FIA wants to avoid a mad rush towards pitstops when the safety car is out, but perhaps this is not the right solution. Bernie Ecclestone might like the lottery factor in the races, but it would be nice if racing is just about pure racing, wouldn’t it?

Jean Todt says the Ferrari situation is “not a disaster”, and we will just have to take his words for it because it looks rather a disaster to me whichever way I look at it. Being way behind in the points table against two particularly competitive McLaren drivers in a superior McLaren car in a 4 way championship battle with everyone taking points off each other (and Kimi additionally taking points off himself) …doesn’t look like a stroll in the park, does it? Still we are only six races into the championship with eleven races to go anything can happen. Like McLaren might revert back to their original McBoomer configuration. Hey, there’s nothing wrong in hoping is there?

Autosport is apparently releasing a special souvenir edition of their magazine to celebrate Hamilton’s win. It is not known if anyone will be mass-producing and distributing Lewis Hamilton coffee mugs to mark the historical event. And what, no statues yet? This negligence is most disturbing, surely the act of winning a grand prix merits a couple of dozen bronze statues at least? And don’t forget to throw in the special telecasts and documentaries galore. 

We will keep you updated on new developments (as always). Ciao for now. Forza Ferrari.