Boo hoo hoo, pass me a box of Kleenex please. In the wake of McLaren team mate Lewis Hamilton’s first Grand Prix win on sunday in Canada, Double World Champion Fernando Alonso has admitted for the first time he is not entirely comfortable with the situation at McLaren.

Has he finally woken up and realised that his childhood dream of working for Ron Dennis is not all he thought it should be?

Apparently not. Nando admitted during a Spanish radio interview on Monday night, that he has not felt comfortable at his new team right from the start. According to the Spaniard, the problem is he has joined a British based team and his team mate is British. Therefore he suggests, there is a little bit of bias going on in the McLaren Garage. Perhaps he has forgotten Monaco already….hardly surprising… was a snore fest.

“I have a British teammate in a British team, and he’s doing a great job and we know that all the support and help is going to him and I understood that from the beginning.

“But I’m not complaining. I’ve won two races out of six and I’ve finished on the podium four times and I have those 40 points that will allow me to fight for the title in the end,” he grumbled during the radio interview.

Of course your not complaining Nando, and I don’t expect the fact your trailing a rookie in the championship title standing’s bothers you in the slightest either. Still think you will have the championship all sewn up by the 10th round of the season? hmmm I suspect not. Here at FFN we are wondering when the lines “this is not a team” are going to come trotting out.

The Radio Station took the opportunity to do a little bit of good natured stirring, reading out some of the British Headlines regarding Hamilton’s maiden win to the Spaniard. To which Alonso’s terse reply was “The Spanish Press have more respect than the British Press”. We can’t think for a second why that would be…..maybe because the British Press don’t have their head crammed quite so firmly…..

While Alonso has been sobbing into his hanky about being so unloved, his team have been busy getting plans in place to hammer home their advantage over rivals Ferrari.

The Woking based outfit is apparently planning a substantial upgrade to their car in time for the French Grand Prix, coincidentally the same time Ferrari are planning to make some major upgrades to their car.

McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh admitting that it is still Ferrari that they are concerned about most in the challenge for the championship. “Ferrari are a good team. They will not sit back and make it easy for us. And BMW are pushing hard,” he added.

“I would not underestimate Ferrari. They have got two good drivers and they are a strong team. If you say, who do we fear the most? It would still be Ferrari but we have got a respect for what BMW are doing.”.

Which is quite refreshing to hear, considering some sections of the tifosi community are wailing in despair and about to throw themselves on burning bonfires after losing all hope. It’s not like them to get a little over dramatic is it? Maybe Alonso should come to Ferrari after all…he’d thrive in such a theatrical atmosphere.