dennisandalonso.jpgRon Dennis has revealed the key to interpreting Fernando Alonso’s statements. Apparently you are supposed to read them really slowly, and then read them over backwards before reading carefully yet again, and then the hidden gems shall slowly surface. “Fernando’s comments when read carefully are always correct” says Ron. So it appears when Alonso says –
“Well, right from the start I’ve never felt totally comfortable at McLaren. I have a British teammate in a British team, and he’s doing a great job and we know that all the support and help is going to him and I understood that from the beginning.”
 – what he really means (at least according to Ron) is that “I haven’t been with the team for long but we share a positive and growing partnership”.  Hmm…who would have thought? I couldn’t have figured this one out on my own in a decade, so thanks to Ron for that.

If Ron hadn’t clarified the remarks, we would have been justified in thinking “Aha! So the meltdown has begun…and it isn’t even midseason yet”. We would have been justified in wondering if this isn’t too early even by Alonso’s standards and if Lewis Hamilton (even given his talent) could cope with a loopy teammate (and possibly a loopy teamboss to boot). The Lewis Hamilton preservation society would have been up in arms demanding instant relocation to Ferrari (just in case the insanity is contagious). You do remember that we predicted this as far back as January. (Link)

And speaking of current world champion Fernando Alonso, this is what his former boss has to say of him. “Alonso is a great driver, but he really must stop his animal impersonations after every win”. Flavio leads us to believe that Alonso felt the need for establishing some kind of individuality, similar to Michael Schumacher’s podium leaps, but added that making like a duck or a crane after every win doesn’t really garner respectability in the paddock. Flavio also mentioned that he was looking forward to a fair amount of verbal fireworks from the McLaren camp next year, what with Alonso’s famous spanish temperament and Ron’s control obsession. We at FFN fully expect Alonso to declare “I no longer consider McLaren a team” at least by midyear 2007, and it is rumored that a certain section of the paddock is accepting bets on the same.

Ron Dennis however is insistent that all is well with Nando, and this latest outburst is not the same as “I no longer consider F1 a sport” or “I feel alone and unsupported at Renault” or something along those lines. And when Alonso said “The Spanish press has more respect than the British one”, he no doubt meant “The Spanish press knows more Spanish than the British one”, which might be true after all.

Ron confirms that the McLaren team supports both drivers equally. “I can categorically state once again that both drivers have equal equipment, equal support and equal opportunity to win within the team” he says, and this is probably a new development post-Monaco. Ferrari provide their drivers with equipment, support and opportunity as well, we only wish our drivers would stop mucking around and get on with the program. Here’s hoping for a Ferrari 1-2 yet again, and  let’s hope it comes true at least this weekend.