bernieandmclaren.jpgWill someone please help Bernie Ecclestone make up his mind about the US GP? I think it is fairly logical to say that a grand prix in USA can either be present or absent and those are the only two choices really…and not even Bernie can have both, but the poor man seems to be at a loss to understand this simple boolean logic. It was only last year that he declared the US GP was doing nothing for F1 and ought to be scrapped. And understandably when he turned up at Indy 2006 he had a less than warm reception (I was there and booed the loudest). This was followed by a complete about-turn when Bernie said he was considering an additional race in Chicago land or Vegas as US is a key market for the manufacturers. At 09:05 GMT today (note down the time for he is bound to say something entirely contradictory soon), Bernie declared “It is not vital to Formula One to be in the United States. We don’t have a lot of sponsors from the U.S., no American teams and only one driver”. Okay…so now it is back to lets-all-get-rid-of-the-US-GP. And I don’t blame Tony George if his head is reeling a bit or if he goes “For heaven’s sake man, make up your mind, will ya?”

McLaren is having more than its fair share of ‘outbursts’ and related headlines. After ‘Dennis thinks Hamilton outburst a mistake’ and ‘Hamilton thinks Alonso outburst strange’, all that remains is ‘Alonso thinks Dennis outburst silly and fatheaded’ to complete the cycle. Norbert Haug might be many things, but patient he is not…and seeing both his drivers taking turns calling themselves ‘No. 2’ has reportedly made him froth at the mouth a bit. Now Dennis might be offering excuses like ‘he was terrorized by the ferocious media’ (honest, he did say something like that) or ‘he was under the influence of ethanol’ not to mention ‘his mother dropped him on his head when he was a baby’, but Haug has resorted to direct action. He has issued strict instructions that no one will be allowed to have spontaneous outbursts in the media unless the material has been reviewed and approved by the McLaren PR…and the next person to utter the words ‘No.2’, ‘support’ or ‘British’ will do so at his own peril. A well oiled machinery, what?

Felipe Massa is still confident about the F2007. Agreed it has some minor flaws – like it doesn’t automatically stop at red lights when its driver is too fatheaded to notice – but apart from that Felipe feels the F1 car can be fast after all – “I am really confident that we still have a great car”. Felipe also feels the black flag at Canada was partly his fault and partly the team’s fault (“because they didn’t tell me to watch the light”), but unfair nevertheless. He says the situation has been corrected, as the team has added ‘Felipe, watch out for the red light” to an existing list of warnings, which also includes ‘left turn coming up’, ‘right turn coming up’, ‘remember to accelerate goddarnit’ not to mention ‘Felipe, steering wheel in front of your face’. Good for us then. Looks like Felipe and Kimi are all set to go for the weekend. Forza.