While the Media has been getting itself into a lather over the exciting exploits of Formula 1’s newest winner Lewis Hamilton (or Tiger II as some have started calling him), and predicting just how many world championships he is going to run away with. The older generation of F1 drivers has been enjoying a somewhat quieter revival in fortunes.

mrmagoo.jpgIt is understood that three of the “more mature” drivers in F1, David “Mr.Magoo” Coulthard, Rubens “I’m not number 2” Barrichello and Giancarlo “four letters” Fisichella are all set to resign contracts that will see them continue racing in the sport in 2008. Of course really we would like to add Ralf Schumacher’s name to that list, but it seems that although Toyota and Ralfie are a match made in heaven (serial underachievers) the other Schumacher brother still has the threat of the axe hanging over him. Unless he can substantially improve his performances and actually prove he is this self-proclaimed 3rd fastest driver in F1…instead of perpetually hanging around as a grossly overpaid back-marker.

Rubens, it seems has impressed his team thus far this season by out qualifying his team mate Jenson Button in the last four races despite driving what is akin to a temperamental wheelie-bin. Really going to show that when he does shut up and stop complaining bitterly about his years at Ferrari and that evil Red Baron, he is actually a decent little driver.

Meanwhile, Fisichella who many thought (including myself) would fade into obscurity along with Renault’s woes this season, has impressed his team with his commitment to helping them resolve the issues with the Renault’s performance. The fact team-mate and rookie Heikki Kovaleinen has not exactly set the world alight, spending more time having incidents and off track excursions than Takuma Sato on a bad day, it’s looking increasingly likely that “four letters” Fisichella could be staying around a while yet. No doubt entertaining us all with his interesting radio transmissions. Hurrah.

Despite Mr. Magoo’s grizzled beard and a series of near misses with pit-lane pedestrians and the odd Austrian in a Williams, DC has enjoyed some storming drives this season. It is understood Red Bull are happy with his speed (although whether Torro Rosso are happy with theirs is another story) and appreciate all the experience DC can bring to the young and developing team.

So it would seem experience and old age do count for something then in a sport that is largely obsessed with image, glamour, flexing devices and a certain McLaren driver.

kimiandcolajanni.jpgTalking of McLaren drivers, it would seem Fernando All Alone-so has found an unusual ally. Apparently if rumours are to be believed, Nando is not the only one hoping fervently for his illustrious young team-mate to finally slip up and topple off his “bling” encrusted pedestal.

According to the latest reports Kimi Raikkonen who left McLaren for Ferrari (prompting Ron to bring in Lewis – so the Kimster only has himself to blame) is hoping that his extended run of bad luck and issues with the Maranello based squad will come to an end at some point. The Kimster apparently hoping that even Lewis who is 21 points ahead will eventually get his turn with the bad luck gremlins.

We do feel here at FFN that someone should point out to the Kimster that bad luck is not akin to Niki Lauda, it doesn’t go off and pick on someone else when its bored talking about you. But we do hope that Kimi gets on top of all his bad luck soon, otherwise the tifosi will be taking to the Finlandia Vodka as well (as if we need any excuses).