Red Bull will not be outdone by Honda (and that is not just on the track). If Honda gave you an opportunity to see (erm…well, probably using a microscope) a pixelated version of your name on the F1 car (or earth-liveried disaster as I like to call it) in exchange for your support towards environmental endeavors, Red Bull goes one step further and offers to put your face on the livery. Though the thought of what the RB car would look like at Silverstone with 50,000 faces peering out from the paint makes the mind boggle, it is all for a good cause. Why pass up on this chance to add to the eyesore factor on the starting grid? If you have ever entertained the (rather wierd) desire of having your map preserved for posterity on a F1 car, here you go. And the money will not be used to aid Adrian’s Newey’s experiments on “101 ways to make a F1 car unreliable” (no, just kidding), but in all seriousness for treating spinal cord disorders. We sincerely wish Red Bull every bit of success on this charitable endeavor.


One more race gone by and no signs of the Ferrari revival. Sigh. Oh well, at least there was no Ron Dennis on the podium. Fernando Alonso appeared clearly disgruntled, but whether that was because of finishing second despite a sterling drive, or worry stemming from his rapidly decreasing neck length, it is not known (just for the record, he doesn’t like being called the Neckless Nando). And that’s Lewis Hamilton on the middle step (in case you have been on a quick trip to Mars last few months and don’t know who he is), celebrating his second consecutive victory over his teammate. What this all means for us tifosi is that Ferrari car development seems to be proceeding backwards with great velocity (much like Kimi Raikkonen race starts), and though Felipe finished on the podium, McLaren was clearly the superior car on track. 

One has to admit that it was nice to see Kimi Raikkonen suddenly spring to life in the middle of the race and put in a series of fast laps, though it is no consolation given our championship standing (or lack of it). An uphill battle lies ahead, and incidentally does anyone else feel there is something distinctly unnatural about Lewis Hamilton’s consistency? No? Well, I just thought I would mention it.

Ferrari has vowed not to over-react to the existing situation, though they confess they have no clue as to why the car is not behaving like how a Ferrari F1 car usually does…which would be to romp off into the distance and win by a mile. We are hoping this has nothing to do with the absence of a certain 7 time world champion in the cockpit, for that might be an irreversible reaction. Meanwhile it is rumored that Michael is off fly-fishing with Ross Brawn and his friends somewhere in USA, though it is not clearly known if a super-assistant is permitted to skip a race and go fishing instead. Well, what do you know! Anyway, Forza Ferrari and looking forward to France…the eternal optimist that I am. Ciao.