indypodium.jpgJust in case you managed to miss the Lewis Hamilton Love-in Roadshow yesterday otherwise known as the US Grand Prix, no doubt you won’t have been lucky enough to avoid the fact that F1’s golden boy has won again. Or as my completely clueless work colleague who doesn’t know one end of a car from the other gushed “I see Britain won again”. erm right.

McLaren’s young rookie led from start to finish in a fairly uneventful race, despite coming under increasing pressure from a much frustrated and agitated double world champion Nando-chops. At one point Nando swerving and gesticulating at the McLaren pitwall, obviously having some sort of hissy-fit because Ron had promised a fair share of the toys and sweeties, yet it was all going Lewis’s way again….it’s sooooo unfair! Nando had a go at getting past his illustrious young team mate, but found irritatingly Mr.Perfect was having none of it and jolly well wasn’t going to be frightened off track by the menacing slug-like eyebrows wiggling about furiously in his rear view mirror.

On being questioned later by the Media, Alonso insisted the swerve was his attempt to move out of his team-mates slipstream to cool his car down and not his temper, and had nothing absolutely to do with the fact his dummy was coming out of the pram. Which is at odds with McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh’s take on events that Alonso was signalling his frustration to his young team mate. But of course you know the McLaren Media Machine…it will all mean something entirely different by the end of the week, especially once Norbert Haug has consulted his latest edition of the RED bulletin.

While the McLaren 1-2 is much to the chagrin of us tifosi, it’s always enjoyable to watch Fernando getting a bit emotionally lairy when it doesn’t go all his own way (we can only wait for what interesting press comments might pop out this week). However we cannot be too smug, when we seem to have been landed with two of the seven dwarfs down at Ferrari, Dozy and Sleepy….and have to watch McLaren scamper off into the distance.

To be fair to Kimi and Felipe, they did try their best (apart from yet another snoozing incident at the start where Kimi helpfully let Quick Nick and Heikki Grassmower get past) but on the day the McLaren package was simply superior, the Ferrari duo doing well to bring the cars home in 3rd and 4th place respectively…as well as avoiding any untoward incidents involving red lights, barriers, or ending up in the gravel in dodgy overtaking manoeuvres on each other. Bravo.

Rumours of his impending departure from F1 ala Villeneuve style, saw Ralf Schumacher take the advice that he should be more like his brother a little too literally. Ralfie boy seeing fit in turn one to T-bone Michael’s old rival David Coulthard into the first corner and taken them out of the race. No doubt Michael was grinning that for once he wasn’t the only Schumacher embroiled in a slightly questionable on-track manoeuvre. Honda’s Rubens Barrichello still very much wanting to prove he is just as good as any Schumacher, decided to join the early retirement party (well it beats driving a wheelie-bin round in 30 plus degrees all afternoon).

Renault’s Giancarlo Fisichella also saw fit to throw his vehicle into the gravel trap on the first lap demoting himself from 10th to 18th, that will really impress the boss no end….we can just see him resigning that contract for next year as we speak. Fisichella then had to spend all afternoon fighting his way through the field to make up for his slightly senior moment at the beginning.

takumasato.jpgSuper Aguri’s Takuma Sato came back with a vengeance, desperate to regain his title as F1’s most unpredictable driver despite his stunning overtaking move on Alone-so in Montreal. The Super Aguri man got a bit lairy and ended up beaching his car in the gravel trap on only the 12th lap of the race. Whether this was to avoid the penalty he was about to incur from the stewards for overtaking under waved yellows, who can say, but it didn’t work…as the FIA stewards slapped him with a 10 spot grid demotion for Magny-Cours in 2 weeks time instead. I suppose we should be grateful he didn’t take half the pitlane with him into the stony-stuff.

William’s Austrian Beanpole Alex Wurz seemed desperate to impress on the back of rumours that he is about to be dropped and replaced at Williams by Heikki Grassmower (which Renault and Williams categorically deny…but then it was all denied about Kimi going to Ferrari wasn’t it?). Wurz subsequently spent most of the afternoon battling to get past the Torro Rosso of Liuzzi, only to find the Italian had been comparing annoying driving tips with Jarno Trulli from Toyota.

Fisichella it seems has been getting a bit cantankerous in his old age, and was showing some aggressive on-track manners all afternoon even partaking in some side to side wheel banging with Williams driver Wurz. Maybe Alone-so should take a mental note for when he wants to get past someone next time….I’m sure a few million tifosi wouldn’t mind if the McLarens oh so accidentally took each other off.

Nico Rosberg enjoyed another stirling effort in his Williams, only to suffer a technical failure as he cruised past the pitlane towards the end of the race, smoke billowing out the back of the car. As flames began to erupt he scampered out of the vehicle, luckily a marshall was on hand with a fire extinguisher to put the flames out. Meanwhile Nico was throwing a wobbly stamping his feet, swinging his fists about and generally making it known he was not a happy bunny. There, there…

Mark Webber finally managed to escape the Red Bull bad luck demons for once and brought his car home in 7th place, after having to spend all afternooon scrapping it out with that other renowned moving chicane Jarno Trulli. Suffice to say the antipodean was pretty pleased for once (makes a change) having secured his first points of the season.

sebastienvetteljustoutofnappies.jpgFinaly no race report would be complete without mentioning the new boy. 19-year-old Sebastien Vettel was brought in at the last minute to replace Robert Kubica in the BMW-Sauber (after that humungous crash in Montreal) Sebastien aquitted himself well, managing to secure a world championship point by coming home in 8th place at the same time becoming the youngest driver to achieve the feat. Well done.

However it seems Robert will probably be back in time for Magny-Cours medical tests withstanding, and Nando-chops will be pleased as punch as I do recall reading the headline on saturday that Alonso felt pretty confident despite missing the Pole. Awww. We had no idea Fernando was so sentimental.

Tune in tomorrow for the test from Silverstone, to see if Ferrari can finally get to grips with their car, if Alonso can manage to keep a lid on his temper tantrums and if Hamilton-mania can get any worse than it already is. Ciaoooo!