testingsilverstone.jpgNo rest for the wicked when it comes to Formula 1. Just two days after the US Grand Prix at Indianapolis, nine out of eleven Formula 1 teams took to the Silverstone circuit in Northamptonshire England today, for the first of three day’s testing (of umbrellas) and numerous red flags.

You may wonder where the other two teams have disappeared to, and it seems that Honda and Super Aguri had more sense than the majority of their Formula 1 counterparts, and headed out to the sunny climes of Jerez for a couple of days with the Ferrari good weather cow in tow. Honda are apparently pinning all their hopes on some new car developments, fervently crossing all available appendages plus some in the hope they will no longer get beaten at Grand Prix by Takuma Sato on a race stewards golf buggy.

Back in Jolly Olde Englande, rather surprisingly Ralfie Schumacher was the fastest man of the day. We can only presume disturbing rumours have reached Ralf’s ears that Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen is being lined up as his successor at Toyota. Although at this point of the season we are wondering why exactly Toyota would want to poach Kimi, especially considering the Media, Ferrari and tifosi have already been grilling him nicely.

lucabadoersilverstone.jpgThings at Ferrari seem to be on course as per usual, test driver Luca Badoer suffering technical failure during the morning, and then completing just 57 laps in the afternoon nearly a second off the pace of Ralf. Here at FFN we are beginning to wonder if the Maranello based squad have actually got their car blueprints upside-down and back-to-front.

It’s no wonder Luca Baldisserri Ferrari’s Head of Track Operations hasn’t got the first darned clue what seems to be going wrong (and if only Ferrari would sensibly provide him with a booster seat so he could see over the Ferrari pitwall stools he might get an inkling)…. Kimi will be on track tomorrow just to confuse matters further…and that’s assuming he gives his usual eloquent “the car is good, the car is bad, when is the ice hockey on?” feedback to the team.

We can only hope that Stefano Domenicali’s reassurances that the Ferrari squad will not panic (slightly out of character for the italian squad isn’t it, Niki Lauda?) but will go back to Maranello and work on the car, will sooner or later provide some on-track improvements. We here at FFN are hoping for the former, because really at the rate of the Lewis Hamilton Runaway Express…the season could be over before it’s even got half way…and already we can bare no more of Ron “Smug Mode” Dennis or the FIA’s well placed technical interfering, let alone the daily tantrums.

It seems the British Press will be sorely disappointed as their media darling will not be attending the Silverstone test, duties instead falling to “Pedro of the Rose” as babelfish likes to call him, and Fernando Alone-so. Given that Nando is getting his bottom firmly whipped already by a seven race old rookie, one feels perhaps he is going to need all the help he can get if he is to survive getting squashed out of the McLaren Garage by his team-mate’s media-related over-inflated ego before too long.

heidfeldbeard.jpgAt BMW-Sauber, there was some concern as Quick Nick Heidfeld had to finish his days testing earlier than planned due to back pain. Really is it any surprise carrying that beard about, it’s probably weighed down by carrying a whole hedgerow of sparrow’s feasting on bratwurst in it. Timo Glock will continue with testing duty tomorrow for the BMW-Sauber team, giving Nick time to visit a barber. We really hope he does because he seems to have sparked an unsightly chin growth revolution in the pitlane, Jenson Button having already succumbed, and even Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen seemingly having forgotten their razors in Indy. Where will it end, mutton chops, chest wigs and medallions? lord forbid…my eyes….my eyes….

Tonio Liuzzi was supposed to be testing today for STR at Silverstone, but didn’t actually manage to swan into the paddock until lunchtime, which gave the stewards considerably less work. Apparantly the Italian had trouble getting back from the US in time, possibly because the US customs officials couldn’t understand his foreign accent or what the strange thing in his eyebrow was.

Spyker-Ferrari strangely had two drivers testing on the Northamptonshire track today, much to the surprise of the rest of the field and the team they actually managed to keep their cars out of the barriers for once. But don’t worry there is still time as Christian Albers will be arriving to test on thursday just to keep us all entertained.

Testing resumes again tomorrow, unhelpfully more rain is forecast which will no doubt be frustrating for the teams but provide some interesting gaffes for us here at FFN to laugh about. Ciaooo for now!