kimiraikkonenbyelenafiorini.jpgThe second day of testing at the Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire England once again saw the Toyota team at the top of the timesheets.

Jarno Trulli sneaking in the best time in the last half an hour or so, despite Ferrari’s Flying Finn Kimi Raikkonen dominating the top of the scoreboard for the vast majority of the day.

On this occasion the British Weather managed to behave itself reasonably well, so there was not too much in the way of interruption to the day’s testing programmes for the F1 teams involved.

According to reports in the Media, the Ferrari team were testing a new aerodynamic package as well as some other bits and bobs (yup that’s the technical term) on the F2007. Rumours suggesting a new undertray and some other mechanical stuff…well I’d like to tell you more but I can just about get my head around the round black things on the four corners let alone confuzzling myself with all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets and gizmo’s.

The only blip to Kimi’s day was when he shot into the pits and went straight past the Ferrari pit-box, presumably the Finn getting confused if he should in fact be going to Toyota’s instead. Easily done I suppose, I’m sure Michael Schumacher accidentally disappeared off into the Toyota garage at the Australian GP in 2006, after parking his car into the wall. Just going to show Kimi is learning some new tricks from the Master, despite his protestations that he doesn’t need any help from the 7 times World Champion.

kimiraikko.jpgThe Kimster reported at the end of the day that the F2007 had felt good and the team seems to have made a step forward in performance. Thank heavens for that, I don’t think I could bear to watch them go any further backwards. According to our favourite Finn, the next two races will be crucial (aren’t they all?) and he is hoping to be fighting for wins in these races. Presumably instead of having to scrap it out with that bearded chap from BMW-Sauber or the grass-mowing dude from Renault for fourth or fifth place.

Kimi has remarked that he will not be giving up just yet on his title challenge…. While the rest of us were wondering just when it might begin. “Sunshine” Massa will take over testing duties for the Scuderia boys for today.

Alex Wurz posted the third fastest time of the day in between suffering a hydraulics problem, bringing out the red flags.

McLaren didn’t have everything all their own way for once; “Pedro of the Rose” lost valuable track time when his car experienced an oil leak. There is still a small glimmer of hope for a McLaren Mcboom then at some point this season; my money is on for Monza in September. Fernando Eyebrow Alone-so will be resuming aerodynamic testing (although with his neck we are wondering if it should be aerodynamic resistance) and race set-up for the Woking based outfit today, all assuming he has recovered from his latest media-related temperamental outburst.

Heikki Kovaleinen’s car had to have an engine change when the Renault team noticed it behaving strangely (obviously it had been in the company of Flavio Briatore for too long). However the team managed to continue on with their planned programme evaluating new aerodynamic components, and a new fly-mo rotary blade for the bottom of Heikki’s car. The Renault team claiming that despite a bit of rain and the engine problem, they had been able to collect some “interesting” data – which is the F1 equivalent of saying we haven’t got the first darned clue what it all means.

Mark Webber had a torrid day of testing for Red Bull, suffering two engine related issues during the day whilst trying to carry out Red Bull’s evaluation of a new aerodynamic package (the face car) let’s hope there are not to many jowls and double chins on it. The Australian only managing to complete 33 laps all day, but presumably it could have been a bit more if the moaning had been kept to a minimum. At least one positive aspect can come out of this, Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen can feel bad luck doesn’t just have it for him alone.

liuzzi.jpgTonio Liuzzi’s test with Scuderia Torro Rosso carried on pretty much in the same vein as the previous day (where he had struggled to get back from the US in time) this time his on track exploits were hampered by the bad weather and numerous red flags. I guess that’s called Karma, what goes around comes around, and makes a change for Tonio not to be causing them. Scott Speed will resume testing on behalf of the copycat Red Bull team from this morning.

Adrian Sutil was in action for Spyker-Ferrari, the German evaluating a new braking system for the team, presumably designed to prevent the two Spyker drivers permanently parking their cars into just about every available barrier on the F1 calendar. Giedo Van Der Garde and Christian Albers will take over crashing (I mean testing) duties for the Spyker team today.

Tune in later for an update on all the action, news and gossip from Silverstone! ciaooooo!