michaelsf1comeback.jpgWell it had to happen sooner or later, just to shut some people up really. Ever since Michael announced his retirement from F1 last September, desperate fans have been dying to know just when he is making a comeback in an F1 car. F1 forums have been awash with comments about how Michael should get back in the car, test the car, and even damn well get his tool set out on it. The poor man would even be buried in it if some fans had their way.

Yesterday for the first time since hanging up his shiny red helmet, Michael got back into an F1 car at Ferrari’s 60th Birthday Celebrations in Maranello. Although we do hear it was a bit touch and go to start with, as Michael has been having a few too many doughnuts recently (and why not, I love doughnuts). Although he managed to squeeze into the tight cockpit of the F2004, there were concerns he might have trouble getting back out. So Kimi and Felipe were on hand with an extra large bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to do the needful. You know I’m only kidding.

The final day of celebrations of Ferrari’s 60th Birthday, witnessed more than a thousand Ferrari road cars accompany the very first Ferrari built, to Fiorano to kick off the day’s events. Even Kimi was allowed to drive one of the vintage Ferrari’s in the celebration, presumably it had been insured beforehand for collisions with barriers, engine blow-ups and vodka and rollmop stains on the interior. (By the way if your wondering when I’ll stop giving Kimi a hard time, I promise it will be when he next wins a race).

nostradamuslauda.jpgFerrari Formula 1 Drivers from the past, such as Jean Alesi, Gerhard Berger, Jody Scheckter, Rene Arnoux, Ivan Capelli and Nino Vaccarella along with more recent incumbents such as Kimi, Felipe, Michael etc put on a stunning historical display of Ferrari F1 cars through the ages.

Even Nostradamus Lauda was present, but presumably the mad-cap Austrian wasn’t to be trusted with a vintage Ferrari, instead he was babysat by Ferrari President Luca Di Montezemolo presumably to prevent him coming out with any unfortunately timed crazy predictions about the end of the universe as we know it. Surprisingly the Ferrari President wasn’t on his tractor for once.

In the evening, there was a fireworks display and auction, which raised 220,000 Euros for charity, which Ferrari will be donating to paediatric clinics in Bologna and Modena. It is understood some of the auctioned items included the bonnet and underbody of the F2004, and a vast array of items that had been given to Ferrari over the years. It is not thought Felipe Massa’s lucky underpants and Michael Schumacher’s infamous socks were part of the auction, rumour had it that Kimi kindly paid Felipe to keep his underpants locked away for the good of everyone.

maranellocelebrations2.jpgA perfectly wonderful end, to what must have been a slightly crazy week for the Maranello Clan.

Meanwhile, on the back of much vaunted criticism of late of one of their drivers, we’ll leave you to guess which one, Jean Todt and Luca Di Montezemolo have publicly stood up and given the Kimster (you guessed right) their vote of confidence.

While Luca Di has been suggesting we will see the real Kimi soon (as soon as they find him obviously), Jean Todt has publicly stated “They are the drivers for the present and the future of Ferrari. It’s up to us to give them a good car”. Thereby trying to put an end to the speculation that just about everyone else in the pit lane will be taking over Kimi’s seat at Ferrari next year. Although we here at FFN are at a loss to understand how Ferrari would intend fitting 21 guys in one F1 car anyway, especially considering the size of some of their ego’s.

So Kimi can finally breathe a sigh of relief that he has at least the backing of his management, even if the rest of the world is carping on like a bunch of miserable fishwives.

It remains to be seen though if and when Kimi can regain the form he had at McLaren that apparently had his opponents quaking in fear. Here at FFN we are hoping it’s sooner rather than later, if only to shut up the mindless coma-inducing drivel coming out of the mouths of them management folk.