usapodium.jpgPedro de la Rosa thinks Juan Pablo Montoya is talking through his hat when he says “There really always is a favorite driver on the team (McLaren)”. Montoya, we all know, is probably still smarting under the supposed differential treatment meted out to his erstwhile teammate Kimi Raikkonen (especially after his supposed tennis injury), something he probably still hasn’t forgiven Ron Dennis for. Body language experts in the paddock, after careful study of tapes of JPM’s body language (when he was not eating a burger that is) came to a recent conclusion that he suffered from the ‘Alonso Syndrome’ (named after a certain current two time world champion). The syndrome involves paranoia that the team favors the teammate over the affected individual, and also a frequent feeling of ‘being alone’, not to mention rising discomfort levels in the team. You remember the circumstances under which Montoya left Williams of course. But we were talking of Pedro, and what he states is that “Montoya is not right if he says one driver is in a better position than the other one”. Yes Pedro, that would be what Montoya is saying.

Pedro de la Rosa also feels that the current ‘civil war’ between the drivers is helping McLaren as it is supposedly inspiring everyone to do better. “Ever since the (Alonso-Hamilton) fight really began, McLaren has won every race” he says, though he might be putting the cart before the horse there. More like “Ever since McLaren was in the position to win every race, the rivalry has gotten worse” perhaps? Anyway, I can’t see the rivalry really helping McLaren if the drivers end up taking each other out…and Ferrari ends up finishing 1-2…oh, the very thought!

Talking of Ferrari, they are in the middle of yet another crisis if media reports are to be believed. This makes you wonder just what it is about Ferrari that makes them go and land themselves in more crises than you can shake a stick at. Of course we all know the latest Nigel Stepney – mysterious-white-powder-dirty-tricks-legal-proof seesaw that is going on, and we hope the matter comes to an amicable conclusion (Yeah right!). But knowing how unlikely that is (Stepney is bound to be miffed with Ferrari if he has been in the right all along, and Ferrari would be right to be mildly reproachful if Stepney has been going about adding strange looking white powder to the fuel tank), we are kind of torn between alternatives. Having a more-than-healthy affection for Ferrari, we don’t want them looking a tad silly at the end of it all…on the other hand, we really like Stepney too…so we hope even if he is guilty (and nothing has been proven yet), it is some trifling offense like switching the sugar and salt bottles in the factory cafeteria – that can be overlooked by his vast group of admirers.

There is no denying that things are looking more positive on the car front, with both Kimi and Felipe admitting they are very optimistic about forthcoming races. Kimi Raikkonen, who has a penchant for stating obvious truths like “Testing is just testing as usual”, also added that “The car is better for sure now”. Now that Michael Schumacher has clarified that any statement containing the words “Michael Schumacher”, “F1” and “comeback” in the same line is bound to be false, Kimi can breath a little easy and concentrate on staying awake during race starts (he did a wonderful job in Indy otherwise). Felipe was a bit more outspoken (naturally), and says “I’m very happy about the Silverstone tests. As soon as I got in the car I realized there was a big improvement compared to the last races”. Good then, let’s look forward to a few Ferrari wins and podiums coming up ahead. Forza.