hamiltonmania.jpgJust when you think Damon Hill is done making silly statements, he always surpasses expectations and comes up with the silliest one yet. And this one is pure diamond – he thinks ‘Lewis Hamilton’s likeability is a problem for Alonso’. No, not as in because of Lewis’s ‘likeability’ the team favors him more and hence Alonso’s discomfort (you have to admit it, Nando’s not eminently likeable…unless you are his mother of course), nothing as logical as that. According to Hill – “I think perhaps his (Alonso’s) motivation is more combative and he wants to challenge a rival and he finds it difficult to dislike Lewis. It is hard to race against someone you like. I think Lewis has almost charmed him a little bit!”. Dear God! No doubt Ferrari has been stifling their car development because they have fallen in love with Lewis and don’t want to challenge him too much. Someone’s been having too much alcohol before giving interviews I suspect.

Just in case you aren’t fed up to the teeth already on hearing about how Lewis Hamilton is the paragon of all good virtues, his success seems to be some sort of a cue for former F1 world champions to suddenly spring out of the woodwork, each more eloquent than the other in waxing on about his numerous sterling qualities. While Stirling Moss considers it an honor to be compared with young Lewis, Jackie Stewart thinks Hamilton was kidnapped from Krypton as a child. Prost thinks he is no less than a boon to F1, and Damon gets so overcome by emotion when asked about Hamilton that he can merely gape and look like a goldfish. And the man has done just 7 races. God help us when he wins his world championship (which he is bound to soon, given his current display of talent). Is he a Schumacher or a Senna already? Its too darned early to tell (and that’s just my opinion).

So what is Michael Schumacher going to do after giving Zidane a ride in his shiny black FXX during the French grand prix? If you were hoping the answer is – “drive back to Maranello and work day and night in assisting car development – F1 and otherwise”, you couldn’t be more mistaken. He is apparently off to Stuttgart to play in a re-enactment of football World Cup 1982 final between Germany and Italy. Though why he would want to, considering Italy beat Germany 3:1 in the final, is beyond me. Anyway that aside, 3 days to go for the French GP…will Kimi, Felipe and Ferrari turn it around this time? Keeping fingers crossed.