rossbrawn.jpgOh for heaven’s sakes, someone has started the German Media off again.

Surprisingly for once it doesn’t start with the sentence “Michael Schumacher….”, I know I had to sit down from the shock as well.

This week’s news according to our German friends is that former Ferrari Technical Director Ross Brawn will almost certainly be taking over from Jean Todt as the Team Boss at Ferrari from next year. Of course quite how the German Media know this, when Ross himself hasn’t even met to discuss his future plans with Ferrari yet is just a minor insignificant detail, which we will sweep under the carpet for now.

In light of recent events at Maranello, specifically the rumoured sherbet-gate scandal involving Ferrari Stalwart Nigel Stepney (who is incidentally good friends with our Ross), some media reports are suggesting Ferrari may have just shot themselves in the foot. It is rumoured that Uncle Ross could be absconding off in a huff to Honda instead. Although here at FFN, we do find it difficult to believe that a towering six-foot giant of a man like Uncle Ross is capable of throwing such a hissy fit. And especially not just because a so-called friend of his has been smacked on the back of the hand for supposedly acting like a petulant schoolboy for not getting his own way.

But you never do know with F1 do you? Rumours of recent times have also been discussing the possibility that Ferrari may have approached Renault Team Boss Flavio Briatore to take over at the helm of the Gestione Sportiva, when Jean Todt retires from the role at the end of the year. Although we have to admit we are a little baffled why Ferrari would want to employ a geriatric histrionic drama queen to lead a bunch of “emotional” Italians (according to our shy retiring friend Mr. Lauda), if Ferrari aren’t in crisis already…. They certainly would be with that man leading them. And if Fernando Alonso came over from McLaren, well they could all just stand about in the garage wailing and stomping their feet couldn’t they? What will those German Media Darlings think of next? Ron Dennis to Ferrari as Head of Public Relations?

sparepart.jpgNot one to throw himself into the media spotlight on any given occasion, Nostradamus Lauda (Niki to some) had a few predictions to enlighten us with on the subject. According to the previous World Champion and Ferrari pilot, Ross Brawn will be taking over as Team Boss, and once this occurs a certain Mr Schumacher’s role will become more defined as well…. Well it couldn’t get any more vague could it? (You didn’t think Michael could stay out of the picture for long did you?).

According to Niki, instead of standing around fulfilling the role of ‘mascot’ and ‘eye candy’ for the female spectators and generally looking like a spare part, Michael will become more involved in the teams operations, once Ross has taken over at the helm. Although when pressed on the subject of just what Michael’s future role will be, it seems Niki didn’t have the first darned clue really, which comes as a total surprise I’m sure you’ll agree. So what is our dear Austrian friend basing his speculations on? Ah on the fact Michael turned up to the Spanish, Monaco and Montreal Grand Prix. And we just assumed Michael had been banished from his ‘Schloss’ by Corrinna, for getting under her feet while she was zipping about with the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

felipeandkimi.jpgWhile the rest of the planet are debating whether Mr. Stepney is in fact guilty of eating sherbet dip-dabs while on duty at the Scuderia, and if Ross will or won’t be coming back as Team Boss, it seems the tifosi are more concerned with one thing….

Yup. Will their drivers please shut their pie-holes and stop coming out with all this “we are feeling bullish about our chances in Monaco/Canada/United States/France” twaddle.

Yes it seems less talk and more action is required…and we never thought we’d say less talk in conjunction with the name Kimi Raikkonen who barely manages a sentence without mumbling as it is.

So it remains to be seen what sense if any is going to come out of all this media twaddle, starting with can Felipe and Kimi really take the fight to McLaren this weekend in Magny-Cours. 4 days and counting.