ostrich.jpgSpyker driver Christijan Albers has just clarified that he is not “an ostrich”, just in case you were wondering if he was. While the physical resemblance with the above mentioned flightless bird might be very slight indeed, this will still no doubt come as a big relief to the Spyker management. It is felt they might have gotten the mistaken impression owing to Alber’s tendency to duck inside the cockpit and adjust his helmet strap while approaching corners in a F1 car, with the inevitable result of the car not quite making it around. “I do not need to be told what situation I am in. I am not an ostrich” says Albers firmly…which is a rather wierd thing to say coming to think of it (we weren’t aware ostriches need to be told what situation they are in)…but good for him anyway!

We have been wondering a bit about Webbo, the in-house psychic (link) of late here at FFN. He has been strangely silent recently, and we fear his psychic aura has been disturbed (which is not an easy thing to set right, or so we are told). Perhaps an update to the ouja board is in order? While an in-form Webbo would have rattled off several versions of just what every team is doing right or wrong by now…not to mention the usual quota of doomsday prophecies concerning Ferrari, this new avatar is rather reticent by comparison. The only thing he would admit in a recent interview is that he is “not such good friends” with Lewis Hamilton, and hence he “would rather if Fernando won the championship”. Which is his opinion of course, and we respect it, but we can’t help but comment on Hamilton’s apparent prudence in choosing his friends well. No just kidding of course, we really like Webbo here at FFN (honestly we do).


Going by the recent press Kimi has been getting, you could be forgiven for thinking he is yet to score a point this season. And this is just seven races into the season where he has already won once and finished on the podium two other times. With Stefano and his promises of ‘the real Kimi’, and Luca di Montezemolo hoping to invoke ‘the scary Kimi’ into action, not to mention the currently existing rather lackluster Kimi (judging by his usual standards), it is with a sense of trepidation that one wonders which version is going to report for work this weekend. We just want the one that drove in Suzuka 2005 to be honest. Todt has an explanation though – the first three races were all right. He would have done well in Barcelona if it hadn’t been for that electrical failure. He would have done well in Monaco if he hadn’t clipped the wall and parked in Rascasse like his illustrious predecessor. He would have done well in Canada had it not been such a lottery with the safety cars. He would have done well in USA if he had qualified better and stayed awake during the start. So give the guy a break, all we need is for Kimi to qualify well, stay away from the barriers, stay awake during the race and get a bit lucky with safety cars, and things will be in order. On a serious note, seeing how comfortable he was with the car in Indy during the race, it might just be a matter of time before he starts winning races yet again. Keeping fingers crossed. Forza.