So it was the wind tunnel after all. How awfully predictable! It has been confirmed by Jean Todt today that it was indeed the broken wind tunnel that was the cause of Ferrari’s car development problems, and given our good showing in the practice sessions, it has presumably been set right. “We had a problem with the carpet and we lost about two weeks” says Todt. That explains it…but wait a minute….the carpet? What carpet? Surely not of the flying kind? These wind tunnels must be more advanced than the models you would have built in your childhood using table fans and egg carton seperators. And clearly Aldo Costa doesn’t think the world of them. “We know that our facility is not the largest” he says,  “and is not the most recent one. And we don’t have two wind tunnels, which some other teams have got”. Why ever not? Maybe Kimi Raikkonen can donate some money for Ferrari to get a large, new and secondary wind tunnel. But as long as the…erm… carpet… is fully functional now, the details are insignificant.


 That’s Scott Speed and Vitantonio Liuzzi standing with what appears to be an insanely giant member of  the bovine family. That much is clear, but as to what their purpose could have been remains a mystery in the paddock. There has been much speculation on the topic, but Gerhard Berger has firmly denied rumors that he is selling his stake in STR to a cattle farmer (“For the last time, I am NOT selling my stake in STR, not to Michael Schumacher or Ross Brawn or the local cattle farmer for that matter”). And no, they were not planning to paint it red and make it a Red Bull mascot either. Could it be that with Berger hinting at a Vettel-Bourdais lineup for next year, Speed and Liuzzi are looking for alternate careers? We will keep you posted, as always.

Robert Kubica has been declared fit to race this weekend, but Nick Heidfeld hasn’t been so lucky. It is rumored that all the excess weight from his facial foliage is a strain on his back muscles, and he has been flown to the hospital today complaining of back pain. Sebastian Vettel can’t believe his luck, but he could very well be racing again this weekend. It is hoped that Heidfeld will recover within a week if he consents to shave off his beard. Mario Theissen could not be reached for comments.

The Ferrari drivers appear confident for the weekend, and this time around it looks like they really mean it. “We were competitive and I think that can continue for the rest of the weekend” says Felipe. “I would say that this was quite a positive day,” says Kimi, “We worked well and I think we can be competitive this weekend”. It all looks good then, let’s hope for a Ferrari 1-2 this weekend (yet again). Forza!