dcbaffled.jpgPoor David Coulthard is baffled. He knows he is a remarkable driver even if this fact is rather well concealed from the F1-watching public, and he is wishing no doubt that it wouldn’t be such a secret. “I know I can do something remarkable, although it may not be obvious” he says, and he is right…well, at least about the latter part – it isn’t obvious at all. “I’m driving every bit as well as Lewis Hamilton – I just don’t have the car to show it” he adds. All this self confidence is rather admirable and we hate to be the one to prick the balloon, but someone ought to point out to DC that he did have the car to ‘show it’ for a sizeable portion of his career, and I don’t distinctly recall seeing anything even remotely spectacular…except (and I hate to harp on it) for Spa 1998. You have to admit that was a tad remarkable…how many other drivers in the past 16 years have had Schumi storming to their garage clearly wanting to punch their lights out…and DC managed it without a sweat, mind you. But I don’t quite think he meant ‘remarkable’ in that vein, coming to think of it. So we will just have to be patient and wait for the miracle to happen.

Meanwhile Honda is apparently raising an army of aerodynamicists, though what they intend to do with them remains a mystery. if you happen to be an aerodynamicist just pottering about the paddock, you would do well to steer clear of the Honda pitwall lest you get packed off to Brackley with a sack over your head (willingly of course). Loic Bigois from Williams is a high profile recruit in this category, as are a whole bunch of other people…and it is rumored this even includes a couple of janitors who were having an innocent conversation about wind tunnels and calibration. You do remember that the last we heard, Honda either has a wrongly calibrated wind tunnel, or a host of engineers who have never clapped their eyeballs on a wind tunnel before and don’t quite know what to do with all the output data. We will keep you posted on the developments.

schumipondering.jpgWe all know the media has been speculating rather collectively on what could possibly be Schumi’s role in Ferrari. Some enterprising journos have even tried suddenly springing the question on unsuspecting Ferrari personnel in the hope that they would be caught off-guard and blurt out the secret. Well, Schumi must have taken exception to the recent Bild headline – “He comes. He laughs. He is silent” – which makes him sound either like a doofus or like an evil genius up to no good – neither of which is particularly flattering, for he has now broken his vow of silence. He claims he has been maintaining a low profile because he is very serious about his new job. And what would that new job be? Now that he isn’t too sure about. “There are many ways in which I can be active within Ferrari” admits Schumi, “I am only at the very beginning in this phase and I am still working out with the team how my experience can be used most effectively. I will sit down with the team at the end of the year to discuss it again”. No wonder the Ferrari team members begin to sound like Ron Dennis when questioned on the topic – using elaborate sentences to convey nothing. Good luck to Schumi for working things out, and 5 days to go for the Silverstone GP. Forza.