renaultlivery.jpgRenault has been in Formula 1 for 30 years now, and to celebrate they have unveiled a new livery. I know exactly what you are thinking…but tough luck, no they are not going to race with it. So we are stuck with the rainbow car on the grid after all. But it does make you wonder…if they are capable of coming up with a nice livery in the first place, then why would they deliberately want to blot the F1 landscape with their current version? A mystery is what it is.

Moving on to far more important things, Nigel Stepney’s lawyer – Sonia Bartolini – is convinced that Ferrari has conjured up the current (rather elaborate) scenario just so they can get rid of Nigel Stepney. I would have thought a simple dismissal letter would have done the trick, but still it is nice that someone would think of Ferrari as being so creative. “It seems to me that Ferrari have at the end of the day got their way. They wanted to get rid of Nigel and that’s what they have done. Nigel’s reputation has been severely damaged by all this” says Sonia. Yes, it is true that Nige’s reputation is pretty much mud now, but what of “The F2007 for Dummies” and “Learn to design a Ferrari car in 30 days” books rumored to be found in Coughlan’s residence? I wasn’t aware that these were available for public reading at the Ferrari library. Surely she is not hinting that the Maranello team would resort to magic teleportation? Oh well, that’s a thought.

Meanwhile the Italian police force has applied their keen minds to the mystery of the white-powder-in-the-fuel-tank, and have reportedly identified it to be detergent. There’s nothing wrong in being an overzealous cleanliness freak of course, but they don’t think the person who put it there was trying to clean the car…especially as the act is rumored to have been caught on cameras. We all know that the first thing they teach in Espionage Schools is that one should avoid a large audience when in the process of sabotaging something as it is rather counter-effective…and so it proved in this case as the ‘detergent’ was immediately removed by Ferrari. The only side effect was a lot of bubbles floating out of the car every time anyone opened the fuel flap, and that we can all live with.

That aside, Nick Fry claims he is fed up with Honda’s poor starts every season…and considering he is the team boss, you would think he should be the one doing something about it.  “I’m fed up with having these terrible starts to the year and having to battle back” he declares, “we make it hard for ourselves and we’ve really got to get out of the habit”. While Honda’s ability to bounce back from bad starts is admirable, Fry thinks it would be tad helpful if they avoided the bad starts in the first place. He feels the key to this problem is in getting the engineers back from their vacations and working in January rather than June, and that sounds like an idea certainly worth a shot. Good luck to Honda on that.

Some good news for the tifosi – apparently significant engine and aerodynamic upgrades are due at Silverstone (at least according to Kimi Raikkonen), and what we saw at Magny-Cours was merely a small part of the complete picture. Looks like we are in for another good weekend, keeping fingers crossed. Forza.