nickfrystatement.jpgHonda’s statement regarding the whole sorry Stepney-Coughlan espionage affair : “Given the speculation surrounding the legal investigations at Ferrari and McLaren, the Honda Racing F1 Team would like to clarify that earlier this year Nigel Stepney, formerly of Scuderia Ferrari, requested a meeting with Nick Fry, Chief Executive Officer of the Honda Racing F1 Team. Nigel Stepney subsequently met in June of this year with Nick Fry and brought with him Mike Coughlan of McLaren, with a view to investigating job opportunities within the Honda Racing F1 Team. Honda would like to stress that at no point during this meeting was any confidential information offered or received. Nick Fry informed Jean Todt and Ron Dennis of the meeting and has offered to provide any information required by Ferrari and McLaren“.

Well, what can we say? The more the merrier I suppose, so we are glad Honda could join the party….but one has to admit things are getting curiouser and curiouser (borrowing liberally from Alice in Wonderland). I just have one question – Is there any team in the paddock that doesn’t have a copy of the now-not-so-secret Ferrari dossiers? This is getting a bit ridiculous really. Maybe Bernie is right, if the FIA were to punish all teams that are involved and dock constructor points, they might as well call it a day and award the shiny pots to Ferrari (assuming one doesn’t penalize the victim). What’s the point in lugging hundreds of tons of equipment all around the world if no team is going to get a darned constructor point to show for all the trouble. todtsblackjumper.jpgYou know, there are rules in F1 – “Thou shall not pinch secret documents from thy employer” or even “Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s design blueprints”. Incidentally bets are being accepted in the paddock as to which will be the next team to make a ‘statement’. Jean Todt is reportedly so upset that he forgot to pack in his red jumper and had to make do with a black one instead. In this picture, you can see him eyeing the McLaren car rather reproachfully no doubt wondering if there are any apparent similarities to the F2007. No team boss likes to know he is the only man in the paddock who isn’t entirely familiar with his car design documents. These are troubled times indeed.

We all know Michael Schumacher is indeed the model employee for FIAT (link), for not only does he not discuss the nuances of car design with relative strangers, but he is also always ready to say a few nice words about whatever happens to be the latest model out of the FIAT factory…and that too keeping a straight face of course. Here’s something from the launch of the new FIAT 500 at Rome. Forza.