whatisthatasmilekimi.jpgFerrari’s Kimi Raikkonen secured a sensational victory yesterday afternoon in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, proving that Ferrari’s and Kimi’s return to form is not just a flash in the toilet pan and the battle is on for the championship.

Prior to the red lights going out on the grid, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa appeared to be doing his own sit down version of a Mexican Wave from his car. His arms going round nineteen to the dozen like a lunatic windmill, and it took a few seconds for everyone to realise that he wasn’t just being his usual friendly self and waving to the enthusiastic British crowds.

Basically the Ferrari suffered an engine cut out which meant poor Felipe would have to be demoted to the back of the pack and start from the pitlane. Not exactly the best start to a race I’m sure you will agree.

The rest of the drivers then had to carry out another parade lap and form up again, ready for the race to begin in earnest. Initially McLaren’s star rookie Lewis Hamilton got a good start off the line, carrying out an aggressive Schumacher-esque block to prevent Kimi zipping past him. We here at FFN find it slightly amusing that when Michael performed similar movements on track there were cries of foul play from just about everyone else in the paddock, yet when young Hamilton emulates them its good old British sporting prowess. One has to wonder if Lewis was in fact German, if he would get away with the same sort of shenanigans or be hung, drawn, quartered and stuffed with Bratwurst.

aschumacherstylechop.jpgAnyway, before I got off completely at a tangent, young Hamilton led the opening laps of the race, but it became quickly evident the McLaren star could not shake off the Flying Finn who was on good form and who pursued the McLaren doggedly. The Ferrari’s slightly better race pace allowing Kimi to keep pace with, and apply pressure on the McLaren star until the first round of pitstops. Lewis pitted earlier than Kimi, allowing Kimi to build up some advantage out on track before coming in to take his pitstop and briefly gain the lead.

Young Lewis meanwhile it would seem has been taking his admiration of his idol Michael Schumacky just a tad too far. This time the 22-year-old Englishman had his own attempt at running over one of his pitcrew when he pre-empted the lollipop guy. Luckily for the McLaren refuelling guy his name wasn’t ‘Nigel Stepney’ and Lewis quickly managed to stop the car therefore ensuring the fuel rig stayed on and didn’t have a go at decapitating his mechanics like Christian Albers did last week. However the slight blip in Lewis’s otherwise perfect performance thus far cost him a few vital seconds.

Shortly afterwards McLaren’s Fernando Alfonso came in for a quick ‘splash and dash’ and got out on track in front of the Finn to lead the race.

It soon became pretty apparent that the Kimster was carrying substantially more fuel than the McLaren duo, a master strategic move that would later play the race into Ferrari’s hands. (I’m not biased at all of course – good one Baldo). Kimi however managed to keep awake for once and stay within 5 seconds of the Double World Champion, and when it mattered he banged in five extraordinary laps which ensured he gained track position on Eyebrows Alone-so to hand a well deserved victory to the Scuderia boys.

doh.jpgWe mustn’t forget poor Felipe. The diminutive Brazilian drove a storming race from the back of the pack, managing to overtake everyone up to 5th place. Which is quite some achievement given some sections of the tifosi community were wondering if he had actually learnt to overtake in driving school. The Ferrari star doggedly pursued 4th place Robert Kubica to the end, but was unable to get past the Polish Papal favourite. Whether that was due to divine intervention or the fact Kubica’s head is shaped like a turnip and impossible to see past…we are not quite sure. But given events at the start of the race 5th place was not a bad result for Felipe.

Apart from the enthralling battle for the championship out front, the only other bit of excitement came from watching Dave Cube-head Coulthard and Nico ‘Sleeko’ Rosberg having a good old wheel banging set-to early on in the race. Here at FFN we are feeling perhaps the FIA might want to write that in to next years rules and regulations to spice things up a bit. ‘Thou must bang wheels with at least one competitor per race, and refrain from trawling around Trulli style with a train of cars behind thee’.

Perhaps points could be awarded for the most daring manoeuvres, and points taken away and stringent punishments put in place for the most boring drives. Perhaps there should also be a guessing game on which lap that Fissy-fella ends up getting publicly chivvied along by his team, despite the fact the Roman has been driving in F1 for umpteen years by now and should really know what it’s all about.

After the race McLaren’s CEO Ron Dennis admitted that McLaren had made a bit of a gaffe on their tyre strategies, particularly for Lewis…while Ferrari couldn’t put a rubber boot wrong. Not looking quite so smug now eh Ron? We’ll be sitting here waiting for your ‘quantum’ leaps.

hurrah.jpgWhile it was no doubt disappointing for the Lewis Hamilton bandwagon-ees to see their man only secure third spot, it was a fantastic result, keeping the championship very much alive on both sides of the Ferrari/McLaren two horse race for the title…. And thankfully my ears are not bleeding quite as much as they otherwise would have been despite the ever so slightly sycophantic over the top bottom worshipping TV coverage that went on.

Ferrari have a busy week ahead with testing at Spa Francorchamps, not to mention some more Stepneygate Saga in the High Courts. Stay Tuned. Forza Ferrari.