ferrariwinsagain.jpgChristijan Albers is having a very tough season. He has hit more walls during the course of this one year than some grand prix drivers manage over their entire careers, he has been frequently outperformed by the young rookie in his team (but here he is in elite company) and he has even been accused of being an ostrich (though he has issued a firm denial of the same). For some strange reason that he just cannot understand, the Spyker pitcrew is reported to be cold and distant towards him, and they tend to jump and duck at the slightest noise or hint of movement when he is in the vicinity. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Albers nearly obliterated the entire lot at the French GP, but it was unintentional of course and he doesn’t see why something as insignificant as nearly being hit on the head with a fuel hose should stop the pitcrew from being friendly and cordial. To top it all off, one of his sponsors – Mingya European Resort – is refusing to part with the dough and they are nearly a million dollars behind in due payments, so already there are internet polls on which driver is most likely to replace him at Spyker. There is no denying the entertainment value that Albers single-handedly brings to the sport, so will Bernie intervene?

After all, one has to admit that it is Bernie’s habit to intervene in things that initially seem like none of his darned business. He has reportedly been urging Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz to sell one of his teams (that would be STR) and concentrate on just RBR. As to how this will affect Bernie in any way, I have no clue. And this despite Mateschitz clearly stating that he will have none of this selling business – “STR is not for sale. This rumour was invented by some super-clever people” – he says. Just who would these ‘super-clever’ people be? Surely not the folks at Bild, considering some of the other rumors they come up with, and Michael Schumacher has already indicated that we are more likely to see him flying in the sky wearing purple tights than see him running STR and attempting to teach Liuzzi how to hold the steering wheel. So that’s that, I suppose.

Following the dominant display from Kimi, Felipe and Ferrari yesterday, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo is giving the British press a run for their money in coming up with superlatives. “I was pleased to admire Raikkonen’s nice laps” says Montezemolo, “those five spotless laps were up there with the best from Schumacher (Michael of course, not Ralf). I also saw a magnificent Massa: he took risks in overtaking everyone, he was very good. It’s a great satisfaction”. Magnificent Massa?! Now really….whatever next, Remarkable Raikkonen? McLaren might be attempting to play down the Ferrari resurgence with talks of wrong strategy and tyre choices, but as Kimi says – “It doesn’t make any difference any more. We were first, they were second”. To the point, as always. Forza.