mclarenmotorhome.jpgThe McLaren Mercedes F1 team is apparently deeply concerned about media speculation. One would have thought they should be used to it by now, as the McLaren machinery that pumps out their press statements (also known as the Discombobulation Discourse Department) has been causing all sorts of ruminations this year, with contradictory statements flying out on a daily basis. You may remember Monaco, enough said.

McLaren according to reports are deeply concerned at the level of speculation and erroneous information flying about in the wake of the Stepneygate-Coughlan Saga. Of particular concern is the misleading and inaccurate information leaking out concerning legal documents filed in response to Ferrari’s High Court action in London in attempt to recover their intellectual property.

What the devil does it all mean? Basically as we understand it McLaren have got their long john’s in a twist that several media publications particularly in Italy are claiming to quote directly from the signed affidavit submitted by McLaren’s rogue employee Mike Cock-up Coughlan (We presume Mike did the honours with the photocopying and distribution then).

McLaren we suppose feel that these ‘leaked’ stories might get back to the FIA and come back to bite them on the bottom during the FIA World Motorsports Council meeting on July 26th. Although here at FFN we believe the Federation of Idiots and Amateurs is extremely busy. Probably working day and night making up ridiculous new rules and regulations to prevent any future excitement in the sport. We sincerely doubt they have time to be sitting around drinking tea and browsing quality tabloid Italian rag-sheets for gossip and slander.

Still what goes around comes around they do say, and years of crying “cheat” and snitching about their rivals to the FIA have come back with a vengeance. We are not finding it absolutely hilarious honestly.

deferran.jpgOne subject that has yet to attract any real attention of the F1 hacks and storytellers, is the immediate departure of Gil de Ferran from Honda. The previous Sporting Director announced he was leaving with immediate effect after the job had “not lived up to his expectations”.

Did it become too painful to watch the two Honda’s doing their best impressions of badly behaved supermarket trolleys year in year out? Or is the actual truth that de Ferran contracted permanent and painful Tinnitus, from having to sit next to Nick Fry on the pit wall jabbering inanely about challenging for the championship again this year? we will never know.

One conspiracy theory that might be doing the rounds about Gil’s departure, is the fact the promised 780 page dossier of how to build a championship winning car and team failed to arrive in the post. Allegedly Mike Coughlan spent all his pocket money on photocopies and humbugs, and couldn’t actually afford the stamps.

Of course in all seriousness this is just speculation and rumour, and probably has not one iota of truth in it…but since when did it stop us here at FFN making up utter baseless rubbish?

renaultsoverenthusiasticwindtunnel.jpgFinally Renault have come to the realisation that their wind tunnel is to blame for their lacklustre performance this year. Well the excuse worked for Honda, right? The previous World Champions have spent much of the season loitering around in the middle of the grid (and chivvying Fissy-fella along), but now at last seem to be making some inroads to developing their car in the right direction. Initially the team felt they had spent so much of their resources last year ensuring they won the championship, that they kinda forgot to concentrate on this year’s campaign as well. Doh!

However it is now revealed the results from the wind tunnel were a little bit over enthusiastic and were not translating to performance advantage once parts were developed on the car. If only Renault would realise they don’t need to spend millions on a high tech state of the art wind tunnel when they could just line up their vehicles in front of the McLaren Media home and take advantage of the current hot air emissions….