It has just surfaced that all reliable news sources (including FFN 😉 ) might have wrongly accused Mike Coughlan of photocopying sensitive Ferrari design information – he just scanned it into a CD instead. While a lot of us have questioned Coughlan’s intelligence in taking the above mentioned documents to a public photocopying shop where it could potentially be spotted, it appears we have actually over-estimated the gray cell content. It is reported that Coughlan simply handed it right over to the copy shop personnel and asked them to transfer its contents into a CD (Autosport also reveals that the Surrey copy shop that tipped off Ferrari about Coughlan having the 780-page dossier was asked to scan the information in order to transfer it into electronic format and in to a computer disc). Well, what can we say? There’s one thing to be said in favor of Coughlan – clearly the man has no experience in crime. Even a sixth grade student reading the occasional Enid Blyton mystery would know that if you are going to do something illegal, it is preferable to be discreet about it. It’s the same kind of logic that dictates that if you commit a murder, you really mustn’t advertise for help in disposing the body. When someone is patiently scanning in a 780 page document for you, what is the probability that they would notice the prancing horse symbol and a bright red ‘Confidential’ stamp on every page? Pretty high? I thought so too.

430scuderia.jpgMichael Schumacher has landed himself in a bit of a soup by admitting that “Lewis Hamilton is one reason worth switching on the television for“. Clearly this hasn’t gone down too well with the Ferrari management, who were under the impression that Michael watches all races on TV and meticulously takes down notes to enhance Ferrari’s chances, not put his feet up and admire Hamilton instead. Montezemolo is not happy, and if Schumi’s not careful, he is going to end up with the Stilo that Luca di has been attempting to plant on Kimi since the start of this season. What’s more, Schumi and LH seem to have formed some kind of mutual fan club with each full of effusive praise for the other (Hamilton: “It is amazing to hear such praise from him, it has given me a big boost to hear that from someone who I watched so often on the television and for so long“). Charming of course, but Schumi and Hamilton seem to be under the impression that watching someone on television is a mark of admiration and respect – clearly they have never aimlessly channel-surfed. The media is getting increasingly impatient with the 7 time world champion mucking around and not doing anything, and there are now rumors that he is all set to head the Ferrari road car division. Just when he has finally managed to convince everyone that he is not the secret team boss at Ferrari…nor is he buying STR in the forseeable future. Schumi will be present in Frankfurt on September 11th to unveil the Ferrari F430 Scuderia. Forza.