Yesterday you may remember we brought you the news that ‘Our Nige’ or Mr. Stepney as he is otherwise known had hired a private detective in his bid to clear his name in the Stepneygate-Coughlan Murder Mystery (I mean Espionage).

lordstevens.jpgToday it seems Ferrari have gone one better, and hired themselves a former English Chief Police Commissioner going by the name of Lord Stevens to investigate the alleged leaking of technical information to McLaren. Lord Stevens has previous experience of investigating the murkier side of the sports world having already led the investigation into football ‘bungs’ following on from TV claims of back-handers and bribes in the beautiful game. So it looks like he is the best guy for the job and considering McLaren’s Mike Coughlan does not appear to be the sharpest pencil in the box…well we can only think the brown stuff is going to hit the fan sooner or later.

Here at FFN we are wondering if ‘Our Nige’s’ Magnum PI is feeling out of his depth already. Nothing like Chicago rules is there? We are eagerly awaiting to see if Our Nige can top it. Obviously the thought of a private detective and an ex-Chief Police Commissioner running around Maranello, playing at cops and robbers and popping caps left, right and centre hasn’t crossed our minds.

jeantodt.jpgMeanwhile it has been confirmed that Ferrari’s CEO Jean Todt has turned down the chance to meet with Nigel Stepney in person to thrash out just what the devil has been going on. We can only assume Ferrari are terrified of what else might abscond off in the trouser pockets of Mr Stepney should he ever set foot again on Maranello soil, and we just can’t have Ron Dennis turning up next Grand Prix in Jean’s ever permanent trusty red sweater! Either that or Ferrari are already aware of where they have ‘buried their bodies’ and feel they do not need Nige’s kindly meant assistance in pointing them out to all and sundry.

In other news, it is rumoured that it is only a matter of time before Scott Speed is shown the door by the Scuderia Torro Rosso F1 team. Scott broke cover yesterday and told it like it is. (Which makes a change considering his propensity to exaggerate about the size of certain appendages). Speed accused team boss Franz Tost of losing it and assaulting him by punching him in the back after he crashed his car at turn 1 in the rain soaked chaos strewn Grand Prix last Sunday.

We are a little baffled quite why Tost should have lost the plot with Scott this time. Especially considering at least five other Formula 1 drivers all ended up in the same parking lot including golden boy Lewis Hamilton, not to mention team-mate Liuzzi parking his car neatly into the side of a tractor.

franztost.jpgIt’s not like it’s the first time the hapless STR driver pairing have crashed out is it? Here at FFN we would have thought Tost would be half expecting it by now. Maybe he wants to thank his lucky stars he doesn’t have Japanese Stars Takuma Sato or Yuji Ide to deal with on a weekly basis or he could really be pulling his hair out, sticking pencils up his nose, clucking like a chicken and getting shipped off to the funny farm.

Speed declared yesterday that no amount of money would ever tempt him to work with Gerhard Berger and Franz Tost again (why do I feel suddenly hungry?).

Scott is currently testing for STR in Mugello in Italy, ahead of the next Grand Prix in Hungary on the 5th August 2007.

When asked by Autosport Team Boss Franz Tost if Speed would still be driving for STR in Hungary unequivocally said ‘Yes’. However, if current paddock rumours are to be believed it might not be long before Scott is looking for alternative employment.

Never mind Scott, we hear that with NASCAR’s Juan Pablo Montoya’s eating habits there are always plenty of positions going at McDonald’s.