According to ex-F1 star and previous world champion Mika Hakkinen, we should not be concerned at all at how McLaren deal with the rivalry between their two drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

mika.jpgApparently the Finnish favourite believes team principal Ron Dennis or Mo-Ron as I’m going to call him from now on, has plenty of experience dealing with the internal rivalry between successful driving pairings.

“It’s a very difficult situation. But Ron can give them a direction and instructions, and advice. He has experience from many years, it started with Prost and Lauda, and there are so many drivers that have been fighting for the championship, so he has the experience to give the instructions.

“I think he is using his experience with Fernando and Lewis to the maximum level that he can. I don’t think it will become a problem. The best driver will win at the end of the day, that is what is going to happen.” chirped the cheery Finn.

Here at FFN we are very touched that Mika has come forward to allay our worst fears that it could be handbags at dawn across the McLaren Garage, although we do feel he is a little behind in reading his F1 script for the season.

We can’t help pointing out we have never been concerned about Mo-Ron’s ability of dealing with difficult people, more like we have been marvelling at how Mrs. Dennis has managed all these years. Still if she wants some advice on where to ‘bury bodies’ she only need drop an email to Nigel Stepney the ex-Ferrari Mechanic and Dossier Publicist.

Our Nige has popped out the woodwork again today in the Italian Media. Nige has reportedly told the Italian Publication La Repubblica that he was not responsible for taking Ferrari designs and information and passing them onto to rivals at McLaren, according to Stepper’s someone else inside Ferrari is responsible for that little misdemeanour.

steppers-or-drop-dead-fred.jpg“I do not want to involve other colleagues. I know one part of the story, not all. Ferrari know the whole story.” the Englishman is quoted as saying. Well surely if your career and reputation are on the line not to mention the fact you could be facing a few years of prison food, you might want to chirp up and let us know who this mysterious insider is. Especially considering they are responsible for these dastardly crimes, unless you have a real penchant for orange boiler suits and burly room mates.

It seems for now our Nige is remaining tight-lipped on who the ‘real’ culprit is (Does he have an imaginary friend called Drop-Dead Fred?). It remains to be seen if Nige continues his tight-lipped silence when he has Mad Max Mosley threatening to bore him to death about green F1 technologies when he is called up in front of the Federation of Idiots and Amateurs in a few weeks time.

An hour in the presence of the FIA is probably enough to have even the most hardened criminal confessing their crimes, rather than enduring the torture of spending the rest of the day listening to a bunch of indecisive old farts whittering away on subjects they have got the first darned clue about.

Interestingly it seems McLaren have now erected a firewall on their computer system to stop Nigel Stepney bombarding them with emails. We can’t help but think if someone had introduced him (I mean Drop-Dead Fred) to MySpace and Facebook a lot earlier; none of this silly spy scandal would have ensued.

Meanwhile it seems that the whole Espionage Drama has had a motivating effect on the two Ferrari drivers, if Felipe Massa is to be believed. According to the little Brazilian poppet, the verdict from the World Motor Sports Council not to punish McLaren despite finding them in possession of Ferrari’s secret bible means that Felipe and Kimi will be working extra hard to respond on track. To prove they are competitive and driving to the best of their abilities (and not breaking cars we hope). Here at FFN we are wondering if Ferrari President Luca Di Montezemolo might have sanctioned the release of Ferrari Top Secret Data a little earlier in the year if he thought it might have this sort of motivational effect on their two young pilots.

vettel.jpgIn other news, it has been announced today that Scott Speed is indeed a man of his word (well about some things). After announcing he would never again work for Team Bosses Gerhard CheeseBurger and Franz Toast at Scuderia Torro Rosso after a bust up with the team at the Nurburgring, it seems Scott was right. The American has been replaced with young German Sebastien Vettel for the remainder of the season. We can only presume Mark Webber’s clairvoyant talents have once again been of much use in the pitlane.

Meanwhile according to pitlane rumour, Sebastien Vettel was drafted in to take over the drive not solely because of his outstanding driving talent. But also because if things don’t go his way he is not likely to go off tittle tattling to the media like Scott did, he’d be too busy throwing his toys out the pram.