dennisatfiameet.jpgLuigi Macaluso is most disturbed. When he sent that innocent letter to Max Mosley asking for the McLaren/Ferrari espionage case to be sent to the FIA Court of Appeal, little did he realize his mailbox would become something like a central router for all letters concerning this issue. We are not sure if he is contemplating shifting his residence to avoid being plagued by missives, but the thought must have surely crossed his mind after seeing the size of correspondence from Ron Dennis. It took us two cups of coffee to plod through the entire letter Ron wrote…and if I were Macaluso, I would drop Ron a postcard saying “Goodness, man, do you also write like you talk? We are supposed to be exchanging letters, you know, not short stories. Luv, Luigi

The gist of Ron’s massive verbiage is that he is not happy the matter is going to the Court of Appeal. He rather liked the verdict of the extraordinary meeting and doesn’t understand why Ferrari would want to play spoilsports and question it. He also claims (at least a couple of hundred times through the letter) that the F2007 that won at Mebourne is illegal, and he would have us believe that it was merely his large-heartedness that stopped him from protesting that win. This presents an interesting idea…the 2006 championships should then go to Ferrari because Renault raced more than half the season with mass dampers that were subsequently banned. Another postcard then –  Dear Ron, something is deemed illegal only it is against currently existing rules, and not if it is against rules that are yet to be brought in (in the future). So kindly refrain from talking nonsense. Luv, xxx

There are a few interesting metaphysical questions that arise out of Ron’s letter – can person A ask person B to destroy something that he doesn’t know the existance of? If you have to install firewalls on your network to stop a rival employee from emailing you design secrets, then should you perhaps drop in a word to the rival employer about the same (especially if there is a pact of cooperation)? If a person has just returned from a personal meeting with a Ferrari spy and then shows you a bunch of car related diagrams, would you be curious about their source? Do ‘whistle-blowers’ really email questionable design secrets to rival teams? The final postcard then – “Dear Ron, I am afraid you might have just shot yourself in the foot. Luv, xxx“.

No wonder Ferrari didn’t see the need to send a lengthy letter to Luigi Macaluso countering Ron’s. Apart from not wanting to drive poor Mr. Macaluso crazy (“Will you all please stop sending me letters?! Don’t you know each other’s addresses?!”), they couldn’t possibly make a better case for themselves than Ron just did for them. Forza.