Just days after Ferrari firmly shot themselves in the left foot in qualifying by forgetting to refuel Felipe Massa in Qualifying, we are to understand Jean Todt and the senior management of the Ferrari Scuderia Marlboro team have had a ‘visit’ from President Luca Di Montezemolo.

ferrariboys.jpgPresumably this was a sit around a table and chat amicably type meeting, and not a nocturnal visit with a baseball bat and the threat of being dragged behind the big bosses tractor across Modena type meeting.

According to various sources, Luca Di and the team met to “discuss” how the season had gone so far, what mistakes had been made and what plans and strategies were afoot for the remaining six races of the championship (apart from attempting to get McLaren banned from F1 of course).

Here at FFN we are wondering if the word “discussion” is a Ferrari code word for a good rollicking. We also suspect the President had to remind the team that a ‘fuel strategy’ involved ensuring both cars have enough fuel to actually qualify for a race, and on the flipside not a substantial enough quantity for the race that would happily keep the United States Electric Grid going for 20 years plus.

Apparently Luca Di has gone on record as saying, “We can win all the remaining races, because we have the capacity to do it,” after meeting with team boss Jean Todt on Wednesday. “The team has to believe in it.”

Presumably the President is assuming that since we have been through just about every silly gaffe we can make this year and some, there are not many more new ones left for the team to come up with. And with the prospect that McLaren might be stripped of all their championship constructors points (we can but live in hope) surely Ferrari can’t still manage to throw the title away…or can they?

While we are left wondering what colourful language was employed in the Maranello meeting, McLaren would have us believe they don’t use colourful language at all thank you very much, and despite rumours to the contrary all is well and peaceful in the McLaren Camp.

mclarenmediacentre.jpgThe McLaren Mercedes Team or McCheats (as they are affectionately known in some quarters) have issued a press release this week to clarify what was discussed on the team radio between team boss Ron Dennis and young rookie Lewis Hamilton in the aftermath of the pitstop pandemonium during qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

According to some reports in the Media, young Lewis was supposed to have employed some very naughty language telling his boss “Don’t F******* do that to me again” in the heat of the moment. We are at a loss really to understand what the big deal is, especially when we are used to that Fissyfella from Renault going off with a case of the verbal expletives at any given moment, if he has even the barest inkling the rest of the world and their children might be tuning in.

However, the McCheat Press Statement vigorously denying that Lewis ever used the F-word, and assured us in the best available Ronspeak that Lewis has been conducting himself in the most professional manner since the season began. Presumably they felt it wise not to assure us of the same of brake-testing, pitstop pandemonium causing, tantrum throwing team mate Fernando Alonso on the account we would all be immediately suspicious and on the phone to Woking demanding to know what they had done with the double world champion.

eddieirvine.jpgFormer Ferrari and F1 driver Eddie Irvine was quick to pipe us this week and suggest that the behaviour of Lewis and Fernando at the Hungaroring was beyond childish, and that Lewis disrespectful behaviour towards team boss Ron Dennis was quite unbelievable.

I’m at a complete loss to understand what the deuce Irvine is on about, as I would have thought it would be a natural reaction for most people to swear your head off when faced with the prospect of Ron heading towards you in a single-minded manner.

Apparently the Ulsterman is claiming he would never have been so disrespectful to any of his team bosses, which really has us scratching our heads here at FFN. Was this the same F1 driver that was well known for falling out with just about every manager/team boss he had in the sport, not to mention calling his rivals more than a few names on occasion? The thought “pot” and “kettle” come clearly to mind.