jensepiccie.jpgWe all know Jenson Button of course – slightly tallish bearded bloke who drives the earth car for the first few laps every race. No? You do remember the chappie who was touted by the British media as the best thing that ever happened to F1 before Lewis Hamilton came along and spoilt the party? Oh well, refer to the picture on the left then. Getting back to Jense, there are advantages with driving a Honda no doubt – the chief one being you get to go home early every other Sunday while other not-so-lucky colleagues drive around in circles with no overtaking opportunity in sight. But it appears Jense is not easily satisfied and he is now insisting that Honda shouldn’t give up on the 2007 season…though why they shouldn’t is beyond me. If at all there is a right time to call it a day, cut the losses and go on vacation, that would be right now. With just 6 races remaining and car being a confirmed turkey, the only possible advantage of laboring away with the RA107 would be to give SA a slightly lesser stinker of a car for next year. Already SA is a tad nervous about using any derivative of the RA107 for next year and has expressed interest in perhaps designing their own car, and one has to applaud their sound common sense.

For some time now Rubens Barrichello has been collaring any stray journalist that he can lay his hands on only to hold him with a glittering eye and wax on about miscalibrated wind tunnels much like the Ancient Mariner. Well, you know the sailor with the albatross around his neck. Anyway, nobody’s been paying any attention to poor Rubinho because of his tendency to frequently talk through the back of his neck…like how he could have beaten Michael Schumacher without team orders. But now that Loic Bigois and John Owen have joined Honda, Rubens appears to have obtained some substantial backing. “We had a very long talk and they made a great impression” he says with a reproachful what-have-I-been-telling-you look, “I heard from them exactly what I expected to. They believe that our wind tunnel’s calibration is wrong and because of that everything that has been developed has not been effective”. It is as Rubens suspected then, after all. Now let’s just hope for Jense’s sake that Loic and John do know how to set it right in time for the next season.

Meanwhile you will be pleased to know that Juan Pablo Montoya, otherwise known as burger-boy in some circles, remains the suave, winsome person we all know him as…except for the occasional fist fight with unsuspecting drivers he mows over from behind. Let’s just say poor Kevin Harvick is no JPM fan. “It just all goes up in smoke because some people get impatient” says Kevin, “It just seems like [Montoya] runs over someone every week”. To be fair, we still think this is a substantial improvement from his F1 racing days when he used to run over several people every week, but hey, it’s not like the folks at Nascar didn’t have any warning. After all, we did try to make Montoya understand that F1 is not really Demolition Derby…though with limited success. Even in his last F1 race, he took out half the field before retiring his car…so they should have really seen this coming.

It has been confirmed that Michael Schumacher will participate in Brazil’s International Challenge of Go-Kart Champs at the request of Felipe Massa. Michael apparently told Felipe he would “consult his agenda” before confirming participation. And then before the Nurburgring race, he opened his diary only to find a spot of free time in November between his planned Nepali-Elephant-Safari in October and Bahamas-Sea-Kayak-expedition in December. He is currently on a holiday in Majorca where he maintains a residence. Forza.