This week has been fairly quiet by F1 standards, no doubt as a result of the summer break between the Hungarian and Turkish Grand Prix.

We are to understand that the poor engineers are beavering away around the clock back at their respective factories, while the racing drivers get to enjoy a well deserved rest. Apparently some drivers visiting the seaside, playing some golf (if your name is Kimi) and pratting about on yachts with the bosses daughter in St. Tropez (if your name is Lewis). What a hard life.

lewismuckingaboutinsttropez.jpgWe are to understand if current rumours are to be believed that Fandango Alonso was also invited along to Manseur Ojjeh’s yacht for peace talks with the McLaren team, but fortunately Fandango declined the offer.

Of course much has been made of this in the Media, suggesting it is clear evidence that the relationship between the British based team and the Spaniard has deteriorated dramatically and irreparably. Rumour has it that the population of Kent in England have been put on 24 around the clock surveillance in case the next Armada armed with guitars and straw donkey’s should pop over the horizon at any given second.

Here at FFN we are taking a more sensible view for once (OK don’t go calling the doctor, I’m feeling OK honestly) and can’t see why Fandango would want to accept the offer. Presumably if you have to spend the vast majority of your year trapped in the same room and destination as your boss, your not going to want to waste your precious few days off trapped in the middle of the ocean staring at the said same bald gobby git that has been irritating you all year, especially if there is no prospect of escape!

In other news this week, the FIA have revealed McLaren’s Court of Appeal date from which the team can appeal the harsh stewards penalty the team received in Hungary after ‘Pitlanegate’.

rondennisfia.jpgThe date set is September 19th; just 6 days after McLaren will initially be up in front of the FIA Court of Appeal to protest their innocence in the ‘Stepneygate’ Espionage Saga. Presumably Ron Dennis will be attending both hearings and giving his considered thoughts on events, which accounts for why the FIA seem to have booked the whole week for a meeting instead of the customary half hour it takes most people. We are wondering if life support machines will also be in attendance, just in case any of those present should feel the need to slip into a comatose state.

The FFN staff are at a complete loss to understand how the race stewards in Hungary even got involved in this silly sandpit saga in the first place. Presumably if McLaren want to prat about playing parking lots in their pitbox on a saturday afternoon and hamper their own qualifying chances, who are we to complain? And why does it need a bunch of old farts to intervene?

Even former McLaren man David Coulthard (Aka Mr Magoo) has taken time out from grooming his grizzled beard and mowing down innocent pedestrians to stick his oar into proceedings. Coulthard apparently suggesting that the FIA need to employ greater consistency when dishing out slapped hands, instead of randomly plucking punishments out of thin air as the mood takes them.

Still we expect the FIA must be there for some reason, presumably to keep these cantankerous clueless old folk from roaming the streets in gangs and harassing the general population, hijacking buses with their free over 60’s day passes as they go.

Tomorrow it is expected all the Formula 1 teams will be heading out to Turkey in preparation for the Grand Prix in Istanbul next weekend.

It is thought that Ferrari will be taking some new developments with them to Instanbul, namely a new chassis and some aerodynamic improvements to the rear of the F2007. Presumably Ferrari not feeling the need just as yet to install any big spikes on the Wheel ‘Frisbees’ of Felipe’s car should he find himself in the position of being overtaken in the closing laps of a race by a McCheat again.

However it is rumoured that Jean Todt has personally popped out to the local toyshop and purchased the Ferrari pitwall a new packet of crayons for plotting their race strategy with, because he has run out of excuses to use in the Ferrari post race conferences.

rubens-finds-faster-transport.jpgHonda are also hoping for a strong showing in Istanbul, and we were amazed to read the headline on Autosport earlier in the week ‘Honda hoping to bounce back in Turkey’. We had assumed that Jense Button and Rubens Barrichello had been spending all season trying to escape their turkey, not get back in it. But what would we know.

Ruben’s has gone on record as saying that he expects to see some improvements in about a month’s time (when the Honda wind tunnel has been properly calibrated) which is just about in time for the season to end isn’t it? Are Honda going to change their corporate logo from “The Power of Dreams” to “Better late than never?”

The Spyker team will be bringing their ‘B’ spec car to Turkey, and it remains to be seen if they can finally get off the back of the grid. There is much speculation currently regarding the future of the Spyker team, with the news that their parent company Spyker NV Cars are looking to sell their shares in the F1 team to solve their short-term cash flow problems.

However Team Boss Colin Kolles has confirmed that Spyker will see out the rest of the 2007 season, but the future after that it seems is uncertain. Perhaps if they had just got to Flav a bit quicker, he could have bought 2 overrated and overpaid drivers with a propensity for parking cars into barriers, instead of 22 overrated and overpaid drama queens that spend their Saturday afternoons chasing a bit of leather about and falling over in dramatic fashion (QPR football club).

Just 7 days to go until race day…..hurrah! Forza Ferrari.