We have decided to introduce a new series in FFN titled…as you have rightly guessed…”The Pot Calling the Kettle Black”. Or alternately “Look Who’s Talking!” (accompanied by appropriate rolling of eyes and booing noises). The idea would be to highlight instances like, say, Ron Dennis accusing someone of being overly verbose, or Nigel Mansell wishing F1 drivers wouldn’t be so darned dramatic these days. Or how about Hiedfeld suggesting Jense should get a shave? Perhaps even Nigel Stepney worrying about increasing statistics of industrial espionage (or do they call it whistle-blowing these days)? Oh well, you get the general picture.

So this week, the focus is going to be on Nelson Piquet (sr. of course. Jr. is too busy trying to convince Flavio to give Fisi the boot and install him instead…not that Flavio requires too much of convincing given current performance). Piquet has apparently been interviewed advising the McLaren duo – Alonso and Hamilton (not Dennis and Haug though it would be equally appropriate) to shut up. “It is never good when you lose respect for your rivals” says Piquet. Yes, that would be the same man who was caught on video practising his karate chops on an unsuspecting Eliseo Salazar just because poor Eliseo (who never aspired to become the greatest racing driver) took him out while being lapped. And to think of the amount of fuss Spa ’98 generated just because Schumi took a friendly stroll to DC’s garage to politely enquire if it was DC’s intention to kill him for it certainly seemed so in the race. Anyway, here’s video proof of this week’s pot on global television. Hope you enjoy it, forza!