I have come to a rather startling conclusion after a brief period of serious research work – not feeling too well for a rather prolonged period makes you realize there are other things in life apart from F1 and racing…nobody could have possibly predicted that the thought of enjoying a simple McDonald burger without feeling sick would one day bring more pleasure than a Ferrari 1-2 (There! I’ve said it and have not yet dropped dead, so it mustn’t be that much of a sacrilege after all). Now anybody who refers to Montoya as burger-boy will do so at their own peril – I have the fullest sympathy for the man and don’t see why he shouldn’t stuff his face with burgers when he still has the chance. That said, this is a F1 blog and not a hospital bulletin board, so thanks to all of you for continuing to visit the blog despite our irregularity of late. I would love to promise that we shall keep up with the one-post-a-day nuisance ceaselessly into the future, but one mustn’t get too emotional and carried away. Which incidentally is the problem with Fernando Alonso.

scaryvettel.jpgWith rather ominous rumors in the paddock yesterday of “new evidence” and some level of driver involvement in the whole ugly espionage saga, one could have been forgiven for thinking this had something to do with Sebastian Vettel in some way. At least it would have been one explanation as to why the normally cheerful chap looks like he has been unwillingly hobnobbing with a few ghosts this weekend. But it was not to be. There have been new whispers in the paddock of some email communication between Pedro de la Rosa (affectionately referred to as de la Pink by babelfish) and Fernando Alonso talking about car setup, and it gives us some inkling as to why poor Nando has been behaving like a cat on hot bricks past few weeks talking about sabbaticals, retirements and what not. It is rumored that the details might have come straight off the 780 pages of “F2007 for dummies” that Stepney so magnanimously shared with Coughlan (rumoredly), but I certainly don’t believe Nando would have touched the information with a 10 foot pole had he known the source.

You know how it is sometimes – Red Bull parties, too much to drink, and suddenly someone talks more about car setups than one ought to, and everyone has a chuckle later on when using the information given away during moments of indiscretion. (And before you start looking suspiciously at Kimi Raikkonen, he probably couldn’t talk about car setups even when sober as a judge). One is probably not thinking of espionage, stolen dossiers, foreign embassies and heavily scented veiled women pinching stuff from the drawers in candle-light when reading emails containing bits of sensitive information – just having a laugh wondering who was the person with the loose tongue. Oh well, what I am trying to say is that we don’t know how true these rumors are, and even if true – it doesn’t necessarily incriminate the McLaren drivers even if it does definitely incriminate McLaren. There are even rumors that Max Mosley himself threatened the McLaren drivers with suspension of their super-lisences if they didn’t co-operate with the FIA, but this I find very hard to believe. For one, where would F1 be if we went about suspending the super-licenses of the only chaps who know how to drive a racing car and do it exceedingly well at that? I am sure the very thought would make Bernie foam at the mouth. And it is an extremely disconcerting one for any F1 fan – be it Ferrari fan or otherwise.

As it is, the poor stewards must be feeling rather over-worked and under-paid considering they seem to be conducting some investigation or other every weekend regarding breach of some darned regulation by McLaren. And considering the stewards had already docked all constructor points from McLaren for the Hungarian GP, the latest gearbox issue would have had them scratching their heads as to what else they could possibly do with the team. Life is never easy when you have to spend every weekend willingly listening to Ron Dennis attempting to explain something to you. All in all, it must feel like retribution for Ron for waxing on for too long about integrity and pretending to be the only scrupulous chap in the paddock – a lesson on how sometimes circumstances can be against you even if you have personally done nothing wrong.

I never thought I would be saying this – but good luck to McLaren and Nando for getting out of this spot. I have never liked the former, am rather fond of the latter for his sheer driving skills despite the regular supply of rather fatheaded remarks – but even I wouldn’t want McLaren banned from the sport. That said, here’s hoping for a Ferrari 1-2 at Monza. Which I hope to enjoy munching on a burger 😉 Forza.

PS: Michael Schumacher’s won yet another award, a nasty habit he cannot rid himself of even after retirement. This is Spain’s prestigious Prince of Asturias Sports Prize. While the 50,000 Euros prize money might come in handy to fund his next vacation (no doubt the Nepali elephant safari), it is rumored he is a bit distraught about the lack of cabinet space in his brand new trophy room. As long as it is not a 200 kg giant trophy like what Ferrari presented him with….no, just kidding. Congratulations to the seven time world champion for this latest and most well-deserved recognition.