delapinkandnando.jpgThis is most disconcerting to say the least. No, not the fact that FIA has taken to sending out lengthy missives once again pertaining to the Stepney saga (though that’s vaguely disturbing as well) – apparently the McLaren lawyers have advised the team and drivers to stay mum on the topic which means we don’t have to dread a 10 page reply of impossible-to-decipher Ron-Speak in the near future. No, what’s indeed disconcerting is the content of the supposed leak of de la Pink’s correspondence with Fernando Alonso in the Italian press. If our Italian journo pals are to be believed, the excerpt reads (Source: F1-live) –

“Do you know that I’ve found out how Ferrari is able to get its tires to work to perfection?” de la Rosa was quoted as writing to Alonso earlier this year.
He added: “Nigel Stepney told Mike Coughlan.”
“I don’t believe it,” Alonso reportedly replied.

Alonso shouldn’t have any problems believing it now for sure – now that we all know the tendency of Nige and Coughlan to talk about things they clearly shouldn’t be talking about. Whether this was part of the stolen Ferrari dossiers, or if this was just something Coughlan picked up when Nige was in one of his expansive moods, we are not too sure. But what’s kind of catchy in the above cordial exchange is of course the fact that de la Rosa rumoredly knew too – top Ferrari secrets were being bandied about like it was news off a local tabloid column. It appears Mr. Coughlan has not exactly been the model citizen for discretion and secrecy like McLaren would like us to believe, someone ought to have warned Mr. Photocopier that he was a chief designer and not a broadcast medium. What was he planning to do next – print pamphlets and distribute them within the team? We demand to know if there’s anyone in McLaren who doesn’t know how Ferrari is able to get its tires to work to perfection, amongst other such similar gems as to how Ferrari do the things they do. Now if that isn’t proof of usage, I don’t know what is. Provided it is true of course, we have to admit that our Italian pals can get a bit excitable and carried away at times.

And then there’s Lewis Hamilton. Who thinks it is rather unfair that Ferrari would want to pursue the espionage saga any further despite knowing that it is clearly giving Ron Dennis a bad migraine. Never mind that if left unpursued, it could possibly give McLaren an unfair competitive advantage and cause Ferrari millions of dollars in damage. “I do not like what Ferrari are putting our team through” says Lewis, “I know my team, and we are being been unfairly treated. It would be a great feeling to win in Italy this weekend. Beating Ferrari on their home ground is going to be a huge blow to their team”. Well, not half as huge a blow as getting banned in the WMSC meeting next week we are sure. While it is nice Lewis is willing to stand up for his team even at the cost of sounding exceedingly silly, Monza might not be the right place for it. Indeed, Pitpass reports that Hamilton finished the P2 session by doing a slow lap waving to the Monza crowd…and probably wondering how wierd it was that Italians apparently wave back with their middle finger. Forza.