diddums-poor-lewis.jpgIn the aftermath of Spa, British sensation Lewis Hamilton has been openly critical in the media of teammate Fernando Alonso’s aggressive start tactics.

The young Brit complaining that Nando is the first one to throw his rattle out of the pram if someone does something on track that he doesn’t like, and so it was a bit of unfair of him to try and run his main rival (namely Lewis) off the road like that.

Really here at FFN we can’t see what Lewis is complaining about, for a man who claims Michael Schumacher was his inspiration growing up, we’d have thought aggressive attempts to drive your competitor off the road should be order of the day (didn’t he watch Jerez in 1997?)…. Even Sato and Fisichella have been known on occasion to do it in over ambitious overtaking incidents. And you have to consider that young Lewis has been prone to a bit of on track weaving on occasion this season at the beginning of races (I’m referring to his driving tactics not his spare time hobby of wicker basket making just for the record).

the-kimster.jpgSurprisingly Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen (a man well known for not using 10 words if 1 will suffice and generally a master of complete understatement) has leapt into the fray and to the defence of the Double World Champion. The Kimster is reported as saying “I saw the incident on TV after the race and I think there wasn’t anything wrong. That was just part of a hard race. It will be like that for the rest of the season”. We can’t help but feel that it is very kind of the Kimster to step to the defence of the beleaguered Spaniard like that, but then you have to wonder given Kimi’s torrid five years at McLaren where his car was systematically blowing up week in week out if he’d consider it normal if the wheels came off Lewis’s chariot on the start line.

While the McLaren duo continue to battle it out in the media and across the McLaren garage, Ferrari’s Flying Finn is enjoying a more tranquil time. The Kimster is currently sitting out the Jerez test to recover from the sore neck he obtained from his set-to with the barriers in the Ascari Chicane at Monza a week or so back. The unusually verbose Kimster happily chatting away 19 to the dozen to the media about the satisfaction and happiness he is still deriving from his win at Spa, a track which according to the Finn is his favourite. We only hope that Fuji, Shanghai and Interlagos will also be among his favourites in the coming weeks.

Some of you have pointed out on occasion that here at FFN we seem to favour ‘ickle Felipe above the Kimster, and we felt really we should clarify our position on the matter. It simply isn’t true in the slightest, we are just as happy to see Kimi give McLaren a good drubbing as we are ‘ickle Felipe. It’s just that the vodka swilling, gorilla costume wearing, identity stealing, press conference mumbling and poker faced antics of the Kimster are far more fascinating to write about than Felipe who sits shining his halo week in week out. So next time you see me giving the Kimster a hard time it’s all meant with much affection, honestly. Suffice to say I can’t say the same for Nigel ‘Steppers’….

bernie-and-spyker.jpgNow that the Spying Scandal has effectively been brushed under the F1 rug (barring McLaren making an appeal that is), pint sized megalomaniac Bernie Ecclestone is out and about stirring it yet again. This week Bernie has blasted the Spyker team for making no contribution whatsoever to Formula 1. The gospel according to Bernie “They came in and that was it”.

We think that’s a little unfair, as far as we can tell they came in, gave Renault a good run for their money in the most hideous car paint job stakes, created a political storm over customer cars, and systematically tested out the safety and reliability of every tyre wall and barrier in the sport. How can that be called making no contribution? Besides you have to give someone for poor old Jense and Rubens to beat.

Just 24 hours to go until the deadline given to McLaren to appeal their penalty dished out at the last World Motorsports Council Meeting. After perusing the 115 page transcripts of the last meeting we can’t help but think McLaren would be very silly indeed to put themselves through yet more torment at the hands of Ferrari’s Lawyer Nigel Tozzi. Personally if it were me, I’d rather walk over hot coals and eat Flavio Briatore’s trusty Speedo’s but then some people just don’t know to quit when they are ahead.