happykimster.jpgThank God for Ferrari. The F1 community as a whole has been spared a fate worse than death – to being brainwashed by the British media into glassy eyed automatons only capable of pottering about and repeating “Lewis Hamilton is the world’s greatest rookie world champion”. Or alternatively Fernando Alonso would have won the championship, and while that would no doubt have made him “berry berry happy”, the mind boggles at what additional demands he would be making as a 3 time world champion and how many additional doors he would be wrenching off the hinges. So thank God for Kimi Raikkonen as well.

You have to admit it was all looking rather bleak on race day. Ferrari has somehow never seemed very lucky with championship battles that are decided in the last race (97, 98, 99, 06, all in the recent past), and considering their campaign was spearheaded by Kimi Raikkonen (who, I have always maintained, spent his childhood walking under ladders, breaking mirrors and opening umbrellas inside the house), the luck quotient seemed rather dubious. Not to mention, we had already exhausted our quota of miracles for the season when Lewis Hamilton parked in the gravel in China with a marked absence of cranes in the horizon – it seemed too much to hope for another finish off the top 5 in quick succession. Throw in a unibrowed, team-disrupting two time world champion into the mix, and it is easy to understand why even an eternal optimist like me harbored little hopes for the race.

Anyhow now the deed is done and Kimi Raikkonen is world champion, and there couldn’t be a more deserving bloke – he is fast, unassuming, eminently likeable plus he doesn’t spout bilge. And Bernie is wrong. We’ve never had a world champion with a penchant for donning gorilla suits before (though Michael did wear a rabbit suit once), and that makes him far more interesting than Hamilton any time of the day. Meanwhile Kimi’s either suddenly grown some vocabulary or hired a really good PR agent, for he’s been speaking of “being so happy it hurts”, “being in love with the Ferrari team” and “wanting to feel this joy again” – all very positive of course.

Alonso’s sounding a bit like a thesaurus himself. “I have some idea of what I want to do next” he says, “a plan, a hope, an illusion, a desire” (he would no doubt have added – an approximation, conception, belief, notion, objective, scheme and so on, but there was no time). This is regarding his future of course, considering McLaren must be very eager to kick him out and make sure he bounces twice, especially after losing both championships despite have a superior package. If this idea, plan, hope or desire has anything to do with shiny red cars, he might be a bit misguided because Ferrari has signed on Felipe till 2010.

A bit of shocking news from Honda – “We knew in the beginning of 2007 that we had no chance with this turkey” confides an insider exclusively with FFN, “so we thought we might as well paint it blue and green and have a shot at the UNEP Green Awards”. Well, turns out they did win it. The judges claim Honda would totally deserve their award “If even one percent of fans who follow F1 were to switch to energy saving light bulbs”, though it is not clear just what it is about the livery that would inspire any of us to switch to energy saving light bulbs. “I always turn off the water in the shower when I am shampooing my hair or soaping myself” claims Lewis Hamilton in his autobiography – “Lewis Hamilton: My Story”. Maybe they should have given him the Green awards instead. 😉

PS: Kudos to Kimi, Felipe and the Ferrari team. 🙂 The best man did win after all, as did the best team. Forza Ferrari, as always!!