After weeks of torturous waiting and much speculation from the Formula 1 fanbase, Ferrari officially launched their car the F2008 to the world yesterday afternoon in Maranello. One Motorsport’s website likening the event to every Tifosi’s much eagerly anticipated Christmas finally arriving. Here at FFN we can confirm there wasn’t a turkey in sight, and the only stuffing probably will be what the Kimster and little Felipe will be doing to their rivals in the coming season.


The car was unveiled by the new look management structure along with their two young chargers, and conspicuous by their absence were Ferrari President Luca Di Montezemolo and Ferrari CEO Jean Todt. Rumours suggesting that they wanted to let the youngsters finally take over and hog the limelight for the change. Or perhaps Luca Di was having a bad hair day (not hard to imagine) and Jean Todt had run out of phrases to bitterly complain about arch rivals McLaren and was furiously scouring the library at Maranello for a thesaurus to aid in his crisis.


The car itself is a beauty, and immediately it sparked much discussion across the internet as to what secrets it contained, whether it was shorter than last years car, how many wheels it had, and what all the functions on the steering wheel were. Armchair experts everywhere had their rulers and protractors out in a flurry of excitement, worse than you would find at a mathematics convention.

One curious button on the steering wheel caught our attention here at FFN, and you know our ridiculous sense of humour. The afore mentioned button we can only presume is a clever communciation device that allows little Felipe to contact the pitwall and inform them to get the dinner on the stove. See below.


We also spotted the “Bf” button, or rather someone else did and we latched onto it. Could it really be that Ferrari have installed a “Booze function” button, should the Kimster be in dire of need of some rocket fuel say on hot afternoon in Adelaide Park? we will keep you posted.

Needless to say, the low key launch was attended by a bevy of journalists all eager to ask the same repetitious questions, would Kimi and Felipe be able to drive it without traction control, would it be faster than a McLaren, would the standard ECU be delivering a few exciting engine blowups, and what did Alonso think of it, etc etc

On hand to answer technical questions were Aldo Costa, Gilles Simon and Mario Almondo (who for some reason whenever I see his name always makes me think about biscuits).

Aldo explained that the F2008 would in fact look quite different once we finally get down to some on track action, with a different aero package to appear before the opening race of the season, and a whole host of updates being provided for our curiosity throughout the racing calendar.

Kimi and Felipe were rather cautious in the appraisal of the F2008, Felipe suggesting that although the car was like a beautiful baby or something along those lines (were hoping he doesn’t mean chubby with a full nappy) he would have to wait to see what it was like when it got out on track. The Kimster was a bit more chatty than normal and hoped that the F2008 would be faster than the F2007, but did not rule out having to battle it out again with the likes of McLaren, BMW and Renault and Co. As long as they all get a good thrashing, the tifosi won’t mind.


The Kimster will apparently be taking the new car through it’s paces this morning at Fiorano, with the whole team turning up to watch. No pressure then. It is not yet known if Super Assistant (I don’t want to be Team Boss) Michael Schumacher will be attending the event, presuming he can fit it into his busy schedule of international jet-setting and fashion statement-making.

Suffice to say here at FFN we are looking forward to today immensely not only to see our World Champion Kimi back in action after what seems like an inordinately long boring wait, but also so we can have a good old gander at what McLaren have come up with. Bring it on.

For footage of Kimi’s first outing in the F2008 visit:

Forza Ferrari.