This week has witnessed the Ferrari Team upping camp and relocating to Madonna di Campiglio in Northern Italy, for the annual Wrooom event. Generally the event seems to be grown men larking about like a bunch of schoolboys up a mountain.

serious-stefano.jpg The Ferrari boys indulged in a little bit of skiing, a bit of snowboarding, the odd press conference, shoving snowballs down Felipe Massa’s sweater and crashing a few FIAT 500’s into each other in the snow for good measure.

Not forgetting to mention of course the important business of projecting a serious, responsible and grown up public image when you have just been crowned F1 team boss, is that not so Mr Domenicali?

We are not entirely sure what the real purpose of the event is, but it is good to see the team having some fun before the serious business of F1 racing gets underway in March. Naturally we are just jealous we don’t get to muck about in the Alps at the expense of our boss.

In light of some comments we made several days ago, we are glad to report that Ferrari’s Official Spokesman Luca Colajanni has been found alive and well. Mr Colajanni magically popped out the woodwork less than 24 hours after we were wondering what Ferrari had done with him, and reportedly told Finnish Publication Turunsanomat that he is delighted that their new world champion Kimi Raikkonen now talks more to the media than he used to.

ferraris-3rd-driver.jpgPresumably Ferrari are still struggling understand a word his Mumbleship mutters, but at least it means Mr Colajanni is not having to make up comments on Kimi’s behalf and stick them through babelfish to get the right effect.

Other news emanating from the Scuderia, comes this week on the back of President’s Luca di Montezemolo’s earlier comments that retired star Michael Schumacher has been given the role of Ferrari’s 3rd Driver.

Mr Schumacher has clarified that his role within the team will actually be to help develop cars, both in the road car division and to help the F1 team where he can. When asked if this meant he would be making a Grand Prix comeback should anything untoward happen to one of Ferrari’s regular drivers (mentioning no names), Michael confirmed that this was not a possibility. Thereby dashing the hopes of many tifosi, but no doubt delighting Felipe Massa who had probably been considering hiring two beefy bodyguards for his own protection from the fanbase’s madcap scheming.

Elsewhere in F1, Force 1ndia has unveiled their driver line-up this week in Mumbai. German star Adrian Sutil and Italian Giancarlo Fisichella have been confirmed for the race seats, with Tonio Liuzzi being hired as the test driver. The curious launch of the line up saw the threesome dressed in a rather curious ensemble, with a leather-looking tunic and a pair of jodphurs.

curious-outfits.jpgObviously looking a little bit concerned at having to wear the get-up, no doubt Sutil and Fisichella were wondering if they would actually be getting F1 cars for the 2008 season, or having to go about on a pair of old nags. Perhaps new team owner Vijay Mallya has misunderstood the concept of horsepower.

Here at FFN we have come to the conclusion that Renault must put something in their ex-driver’s water on the way out the door, as apparently within days of being announced at Force 1ndia, Fisichella has already upset his team-mate. Which has to be a record, at least Fernando Alonso took a few months before upsetting the apple cart at McLaren.

According to some reports in the Media, Fissy announcing “I’m the reference point, the number one driver, thanks to my experience. Sutil comes after that,” to Italian Publication Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Naturally all this talk of Number 1’s and 2’s has come as somewhat of a nasty surprise for Sutil, who had been reliably informed he was going to be driving at the back of the grid not the front. The German Star has reportedly retorted to Fisichella’s comments, along the lines of, “we will worry about that when we are fighting for podiums” and silently adding “which will be when you have long retired old man”.