If you follow Formula 1 as closely as we do, then no doubt you will have already heard plenty of bleating this season emitting from various experienced F1 drivers with regards to the loss of electronic aids such as traction control.

David Coulthard, Jenson Button and Felipe Massa have all raised their concerns about safety with regards to driving in wet weather conditions with the absence of the electronic aid.

Coulthard who is the head of the GPDA (Grand Prix Drivers Association) has been very vocal on the issue and has pointed out that in inclement weather conditions such as those in Fuji, Japan last season would make driving even more difficult and dangerous without such driver assistance.

Hailing originally from the Isle of Blighty where it seems to spend more time raining than it doesn’t, you’d think it would be a doddle for the Red Bull star – well apparently not. Just ask Michael Schumacher.

According to the F1 veteran, in such conditions the low ground clearance of an F1 car effectively turns it into a boat. This then leads to much aquaplaning and ending up going off half-cocked in all directions, especially if your team have forgotten to attach two paddles and a life jacket for your convenience. Not to mention the additional safety aspect of watching out for Ross Brawn trying to board your vehicle for an impromtu fishing expedition at the drop of a hat.

We are a little baffled how this aquaplaning and sliding off in all directions is purely the fault of the weather, as some drivers don’t seem to keep it on track on a good day (not that we will mention any names lest we end up getting sued) but what would we know.

Apparently DC informs us, that it’s not just him going on and on like a never-ending record. According to David all of the drivers have the same concerns, it’s just some of them are too shy to pipe up lest we think they are a bit girly and soft (perish the thought). Mind you with all the hair-pulling and handbag slinging that goes on in an average week in the paddock, here at FFN we had assumed they were a bunch of girls anyway.

This week Ferrari’s Finnish World Champion Kimi Raikkonen has stepped into the debate with a simple and unique solution that should put an end to all the fuss.

Despite recent uncharacteristic bouts of verbiage, the Kimster has kept it short and sweet. What then were his pearls of wisdom on the subject? Apparently the Kimster reportedly remarked “For me it is not more dangerous” and “If anybody else doesn’t like it they can always go and do something else”. Sage career advice indeed.

Next week it is rumoured Kimi will be delivering a short seminar to a packed audience on what to do if you don’t like your boss and can’t stand your team-mate, followed by a short induction on how to use a snow plough. We wonder how that will go.