Amidst the aftermath of the Australian Grand Prix, where the Ferrari team endured a dismal weekend with both drivers retiring from the race due to technical problems, rumours have already begun circulating concerning the causes of the double engine failures that put an end to the Ferrari drivers respective races.

Although going by the driving on display at some points during the race, it was a closely run toss up between whether technical gremlins or a meeting with a barrier was going to come first for the pair.

ecu.jpgThis morning in an article on in which Ferrari have vowed to work on their reliability issues, it has emerged that there are possible question marks over whether the move to the standard ECU supplied by MES (McLaren Electronic Systems) may have been a contributory factor.

Amongst other issues Team Boss Stefano Domenicali was quoted as saying “Today we had engine trouble, but with this rule-book the gearbox is another element to keep in check. Let’s not forget that with MES (the standard ECU) we can have some problems in understanding the system, and how to integrate it with the car. We must still discover it in full.”

Current circulating rumours are thought to suggest that a conflict between the SECU and Ferrari’s own software may also have been responsible for Kimi’s fuel pump problem on Saturday during the qualifying session.

Here at FFN we knew the Kim-bot had undergone some basic software programming since his arrival at Maranello in 2007 particularly in relation to smiling 24/7, spouting forth garrulous comments to the media that appear to all intents and purposes to be straight out the mouth of Luca Colajanni (without the italian accent of course), and efficiently consuming Shell V-tech fuel instead of Vodka….but we hadn’t realised things had gotten so darned complicated.

malfunction-in-the-kim-bot-software.jpgIt is thought the Maranello-based clever bods may be eagerly beavering away right this minute in order to upgrade the Kim-bot software in time for Malaysia, to ensure he doesn’t blow up any more engines and doesn’t lose his drinks straw at inopportune moments.

That still leaves us with ickle Felipe. Could the Standard ECU be responsible for making the little Brazilian veer off track into the shrubbery and crash into the side of other unwitting race drivers at random intervals during the race weekend?

All these years we had been under the illusion that Felipe’s endearing special talents were entirely his. So it comes as somewhat of a shock to discover some devious bod at McLaren is sat somewhere in the paddock pressing buttons merrily on a remote control device and causing mayhem inside the Italian outfit. What next we wonder, will the wheels shoot off the F2008 during qualifying in Malaysia?

Meanwhile, Former World Champion Niki Lauda has already popped out of the woodwork to tell it like it is. According to the Austrian, the weakest link for the team during the opening round of the F1 season in Australia, was without a doubt it’s two drivers. (presumably he isn’t taking into account the ECU’s role in affairs then).

“Everything they could do wrong, they did do wrong” Niki pointed out during his post race analysis, before moving on to his more usual run of the mill predictions about the end of the known universe, what Alonso should do next and so forth.

stefano12.jpgTeam Boss Stefano stopped short of criticising anyone specifically for the dismal turn of events, but is rumoured to have commented “the whole team has not performed to our usual standard.”

Which we take as an impending sign of the mild mannered and pleasant Mr.Domenicali about to read the riot act behind closed doors, if ranting rabble-rouser Luca di Montezemolo doesn’t get in there first.

Meanwhile in other “news”, you may remember over the winter period there was much discussion across internet forums and the like, concerning a radical new nose Ferrari were rumoured to be testing in relation to the F2008. Today again the rumours re-emerged, and are suggesting that the new nose could be brought into play as early as the Bahrain Grand Prix.

We can’t help feeling though, that it would be wise for Ferrari to sort it’s driving duo out first, otherwise a new nose cone isn’t going to do much good instantly parked into the side of another car or lodged deep in a gravel trap.