Posted by MJ – Schuey Net on September 11, 2006
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I’ve been wanting this lad to shave his head for ages…how misguided I was!

Is this Nick Hiedfeld…or that bloke from ABBA?!?!

We’re going to tell them that the emails were written by someone else!!

“Damn…I dropped me spanner in ‘ere boys, and I’m damned if I can see it! Will it make a differene, do you think, if the car rattled a bit more than normal this weekend? Will David notice?”

I see Dennis has taken to wearing a disguise…he so feared the tifosi this weekend. It’s an improvement, don’t you think?

Blimey! Ferrari have gone a bit far with looking after Michael this weekend. I know he likes icecream…but he’ll never eat a cone that size?!

Paranoia has set in at Ferrari. A mechanic does an hourly check for Ron Dennis under the Ferrari motorhome…

Ferrari test the Kimi-bot in ‘running mode’.

“Hell no! You are too wierd looking for me, dude!!!”

DC. Master of the Weathered Experienced Guy with a Square Head look.

Fernando demonstrates his other talents. Yep, he can sing the Italian national anthem through a magazine roll, and accompany it with a finger dance. And all at the same time!!

For heaven’s sake…put this man in a wind tunnel and learn something from his aerodynamic properties!!!

“Ahh…I can see the tifosi have been up to their tricks again! And this time it is the rotten tomatoes on the driver’s seat”

In desperation, Domenicali takes control of the Kimi-remote in a bid to get the Kimi-bot’s “Walk and Smile” feature to work.

Success!! The “Beaming Grin” feature works…but only when the Kimi-Bot is sitting.

Jeez. Sebastian is about to audition for the movie sequel to “The Coneheads”

*radio crackle* “Stefano, we have a Kimi-bot malfunction. The Kimi-bot has removed its overalls and is standing on the pitwall. HELP!”

How do we know it’s the height of Italian summer and 30 degrees in the shade? Its Jean in his jumper!

The secret to Michael’s success as a mentor to Felipe…reward him with a lot of sweeties!!!

“Damn it, Stefano! The “Smile and Wave” Kimi-bot feature isn’t working either!”

Phew! What a weekend! Thanks to for all the pictures!


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