Gerhard Berger

This weekend hosts the fourth round (and quarter way point already – crikes!) of the Formula 1 season at the Sakhir circuit in Bahrain. Following on from the two previous races in Malaysia and China where local weather conditions played havoc, it is rumoured that a sandstorm may be on the cards for Sunday afternoon which just happens to be race day.

sandstorm-sakhir-circuitBahrain’s Meteorology Office (not to be confused with Ferrari’s sometimes errant pitwall system) has reported there is an increasing risk of “rising sand” whatever that means. We do hope it isn’t quicksand, otherwise the entire paddock could be swallowed up and never seen again.

With the current season only being four weeks old, and two thirds of that taking place in meteorological conditions of biblical proportions, here at FFN we are beginning to wonder what catastrophe we are in for next….fire and brimstone raining from the skies? plagues of locusts? incurable boils? We realise the powers that be have been trying to improve the spectacle of the sport but this is just getting ridiculous.

While the F1 teams have been unpacking and getting ready ahead of the race weekend, the F1 rumour mill has been in top gear all week, seemingly no amount of rain or sand can put a spanner in the works of the worlds motorsports media.

If you have access to the BBC, you may remember that last weekend at the Chinese GP, former Force India Technical Director Mike Gascoyne took over from the BBC’s regular pundit Eddie Jordan to bring us his unique insight into all matters F1, and did a superb job.

According to recent reports the feedback received by the BBC was so positive, that Mike Gascoyne is allegedly pushing for the job full time at the expense of the Irishman. Simultaneously it is reported that Mr. Gascoyne also has his eye on an unspecified role at Maranello and fancies himself as a bit of a Ross Brawn.

mike-gascoyneAllegedly Mike has been quoted as saying he will fit in well with the culture at Ferrari (no doubt he has his beady eye on the lunch menu already and has been practicing speaking and waving his arms around like an animated windmill at the same time) and is touting himself for a possible role in the wind tunnel or in the aerodynamics department.

Perhaps Mike is offering to fill the Maranello based windtunnel with hot air, as it seems this is what he is spouting at the moment. As far as we are concerned he is nothing like Ross Brawn, in height, girth or fashion sense, not to mention Ross Brawn hasn’t been sacked by his last two employers. But lets not split hairs. Perhaps he is referring to his facial fuzz and whether he looks jolly and round in red uniforms.

Personally we would have thought Jean Todt would have been a more accurate comparison….since they both have reputations for rollocking their employees when they get cross, not to mention the need for a few copies of the Yellow Pages so they can reach their pitwall bar stools….

Someone else who is considering their future with the Ferrari Team is Michael Schumacher, who has confirmed he will be holding talks with the team over the summer as to whether he continues on in his extremely vaguely titled role as ‘Advisor’, two years on we are still trying to ascertain what he does apart from standing around looking pretty and scaring the bejesus out of Kimi.

Although we suppose some tifosi may point out the very same thing two years on, regarding sometimes WDC Kimi Raikkonen. Not least since Team Boss Stefano Domenicali hinted after Malaysia that people would be best remembering what their responsibilities are, assuming of course that Kimi can actually remember that far back in the first place…..

michael-schumacher-mystery-advisorMichael’s announcement has led to all sorts of scurrulous speculation, that he is either looking to dethrone current F1 team boss Stefano Domenicali, or has simply got fed up of standing about like an expensive piece of furniture and taking flak for dubious strategy decisions, and wants to cut ties with the Maranello team and instead has decided to run off with the Moscow State Circus.

Is there anyone in the paddock these days not considering their future with the team? According to former Toro Rosso boss Gerhard Berger, the only man in Maranello with an assured job for next year is Fernando Alonso, quel surprise!

Allegedly the Toro Rosso ex-boss and former Ferrari encumbant himself, claims that the Spaniard already knows what team he is working for in 2010. According to reports, Fernando informed the Toro Rosso team in 2008, that he was only looking for an option for 2009 as he had already got plans in place for the following year. We can only presume he is coming to Ferrari in an advisory capacity as it seems to be all the rage these days, filling your garage up with highly paid advisors, never mind the sodding drivers.

This could leave Renault in the lurch somewhat when it comes to drivers, as already rumours have begun to emerge that Nelson Piquet Jnr (Alonso’s less illustrious teammate) has been given a 3 race deadline to show his skills or get given a close encounter with Flavio Briatore’s boot and the fire exit.

flav-and-his-boysThe Brazilian has been told that he has until Monaco to impress the Flamboyant Flav, or the team will start looking at other options, including running his car with a plastic crash test dummy. Not that we would probably notice much difference when it comes to the actual driving, but we do suppose they complain less, are a lot cheaper and have similar colours to Nelson’s helmet already which should please the sponsors.

Flav has gone on record as saying that even if Nelson Piquet Jnr does get the old heave-ho, the team are limited at trying too find a decent replacement this season (surely anything has got to be an improvement albeit slightly less entertaining…..).

One rumour currently doing the rounds is that Renault may be interested in luring away BrawnGP’s third driver Austrian Beanpole Alex Wurz, due to the fact he provides excellent technical feedback and has close working knowledge of BrawnGP’s hairdryer (I mean diffusor). Not to mention Alex has already worked for Flavio on a previous occasion at Benetton, and conveniently comes with a pair of industrial earplugs already installed. That’s if he isn’t already off to Ferrari, like the rest of the paddock.

Meanwhile the Maranello squad themselves have confirmed they will not be running the KERS system on Raikkonen’s car this weekend, but they will be running it on Felipe Massa’s.

kimi-in-bahrainApparantly the team have been hard at work back in the factory trying to get to the bottom of the system’s problems, and are hopeful that they may have fixed its reliability issues in time for the Bahrain GP. According to news reports this afternoon they will be running the system on only one car as a way of comparing performance, presumably to see the difference between very slow and VERY VERY VERY slow.

Mr. Raikkonen has spoken to the Italian Media today and in his usual understated manner has assured them there is not much chance of the Maranello outfit winning at Sakhir this weekend (just in case we were in any doubt), but that the realistic target is at most a podium place or a few points. That’s what we like to see, our drivers brimming with enthusiasm and confidence!

We can only hope that with the removal of his KERS (Kimi’s early retirement system) the Finn hasn’t got much excuse but to get on with it, and will have to wait a bit longer for his after race refreshments. Although we should point out since they don’t supply champagne on the podium in Bahrain, it’s hardly much of an incentive for him is it?


by-the-powers-of-the-force-these-sunglasses-will-come-off.jpgWhat a talented chappie Fernando Alonso is. Not only has he won 2 World Driver Championships in F1, an Oscar for his post race podium performances, but he is apparently a skilled Jedi-Master as well.

Before you think I have completely lost the plot let me explain.

According to a recent report on the internet, Michael Schumacher’s (The Red Baron) 2006 Formula 1 season was apparently sabotaged. A report on the internet penned by a journalist (note I used this term loosely) has suggested that the technical failures suffered in the last 2 races of the 2006 season maybe a result of sabotage.

This journalist apparently suggests that in the light of Ferrari exposing Nigel Steppers not only as a spy but a saboteur to boot, it is pretty evident the two technical failures in Japan and Brazil 2006 were not untimely and unfortunate technical glitches as we all assumed, but the work of a campaign to ensure Mr Schumacher did not get away with his 8th large title pot.

You may well wonder what the deuces this has to do with McLaren’s Fernando Alonso…so let me enlighten you. According to this said same journalist, there has been one beneficiary all along from Ferrari’s misfortunes….firstly at Renault last season, then this season at McLaren thanks to the selfless acts of a certain Mr.Steppers.

Here at FFN we can only conclude that Mr.Alonso must indeed have special powers if he is able to so easily brainwash rival teams engineers to do his evil bidding, too bad his Jedi-mind tricks don’t seem to have worked on his own team “You will make me number 1 driver and get rid of this upstart”, “no we won’t” well you get the idea….presumably this is just evidence that the McLaren CEO does in fact have a cabbage instead of a brain.

hello-ron-have-i-got-the-drive-yet.jpgIt seems Alonso’s influential powers do not stop there. No indeed it would seem Renault’s test driver Nelson Piquet Jnr has strangely succumbed to the diva-ish ways of the Spaniard. The Renault test driver apparently issuing a statement this week insisting that no backmarker teams need bother approaching him to offer him a drive for 2008, because he will only agree to drive for a top team where he can collect points on a regular basis like Lewis Hamilton.

We can’t help thinking that as a test driver with zero F1 race starts to your name, your not really in the greatest position to start making demands and throwing rejections about before you’ve even been offered a car. But what would we know, having hissy-fits, swanning about with a huge entourage and being a bit snooty seems to be all the rage these days in F1.

Even Ralf Schumacher, (yes the less successful brother) has reportedly scoffed at the idea of being offered a drive with backmarkers Scuderia Torro Rosso next year, despite rumours that he could be on the way out the back door of the sport. Ralfie apparently suggesting he might have succumbed to the idea 12 years ago, but not now. STR Team Boss Gerhard Berger commented that although no official offer was made he accepted that Schumacher would find it hard to return to a team like STR. It’s quite baffling really, it’s not like Toyota are doing so fabulously well either….but we are guessing they are at least stupid enough to pay him huge sums of money.

dolmabahce-palace.jpgMeanwhile in Turkey, tomorrow (thursday) there is an F1 stageshow scheduled to take part at the Dolmabahce palace. 11 of the F1 drivers are scheduled to attend for a photo session and to answer questions. The event is open to both the public and the media.

Not quite what we call a stageshow, we were expecting at least some singing, dancing and to see Felipe Massa wearing a dress….but you can’t have it all I suppose.

According to ex-F1 star and previous world champion Mika Hakkinen, we should not be concerned at all at how McLaren deal with the rivalry between their two drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

mika.jpgApparently the Finnish favourite believes team principal Ron Dennis or Mo-Ron as I’m going to call him from now on, has plenty of experience dealing with the internal rivalry between successful driving pairings.

“It’s a very difficult situation. But Ron can give them a direction and instructions, and advice. He has experience from many years, it started with Prost and Lauda, and there are so many drivers that have been fighting for the championship, so he has the experience to give the instructions.

“I think he is using his experience with Fernando and Lewis to the maximum level that he can. I don’t think it will become a problem. The best driver will win at the end of the day, that is what is going to happen.” chirped the cheery Finn.

Here at FFN we are very touched that Mika has come forward to allay our worst fears that it could be handbags at dawn across the McLaren Garage, although we do feel he is a little behind in reading his F1 script for the season.

We can’t help pointing out we have never been concerned about Mo-Ron’s ability of dealing with difficult people, more like we have been marvelling at how Mrs. Dennis has managed all these years. Still if she wants some advice on where to ‘bury bodies’ she only need drop an email to Nigel Stepney the ex-Ferrari Mechanic and Dossier Publicist.

Our Nige has popped out the woodwork again today in the Italian Media. Nige has reportedly told the Italian Publication La Repubblica that he was not responsible for taking Ferrari designs and information and passing them onto to rivals at McLaren, according to Stepper’s someone else inside Ferrari is responsible for that little misdemeanour.

steppers-or-drop-dead-fred.jpg“I do not want to involve other colleagues. I know one part of the story, not all. Ferrari know the whole story.” the Englishman is quoted as saying. Well surely if your career and reputation are on the line not to mention the fact you could be facing a few years of prison food, you might want to chirp up and let us know who this mysterious insider is. Especially considering they are responsible for these dastardly crimes, unless you have a real penchant for orange boiler suits and burly room mates.

It seems for now our Nige is remaining tight-lipped on who the ‘real’ culprit is (Does he have an imaginary friend called Drop-Dead Fred?). It remains to be seen if Nige continues his tight-lipped silence when he has Mad Max Mosley threatening to bore him to death about green F1 technologies when he is called up in front of the Federation of Idiots and Amateurs in a few weeks time.

An hour in the presence of the FIA is probably enough to have even the most hardened criminal confessing their crimes, rather than enduring the torture of spending the rest of the day listening to a bunch of indecisive old farts whittering away on subjects they have got the first darned clue about.

Interestingly it seems McLaren have now erected a firewall on their computer system to stop Nigel Stepney bombarding them with emails. We can’t help but think if someone had introduced him (I mean Drop-Dead Fred) to MySpace and Facebook a lot earlier; none of this silly spy scandal would have ensued.

Meanwhile it seems that the whole Espionage Drama has had a motivating effect on the two Ferrari drivers, if Felipe Massa is to be believed. According to the little Brazilian poppet, the verdict from the World Motor Sports Council not to punish McLaren despite finding them in possession of Ferrari’s secret bible means that Felipe and Kimi will be working extra hard to respond on track. To prove they are competitive and driving to the best of their abilities (and not breaking cars we hope). Here at FFN we are wondering if Ferrari President Luca Di Montezemolo might have sanctioned the release of Ferrari Top Secret Data a little earlier in the year if he thought it might have this sort of motivational effect on their two young pilots.

vettel.jpgIn other news, it has been announced today that Scott Speed is indeed a man of his word (well about some things). After announcing he would never again work for Team Bosses Gerhard CheeseBurger and Franz Toast at Scuderia Torro Rosso after a bust up with the team at the Nurburgring, it seems Scott was right. The American has been replaced with young German Sebastien Vettel for the remainder of the season. We can only presume Mark Webber’s clairvoyant talents have once again been of much use in the pitlane.

Meanwhile according to pitlane rumour, Sebastien Vettel was drafted in to take over the drive not solely because of his outstanding driving talent. But also because if things don’t go his way he is not likely to go off tittle tattling to the media like Scott did, he’d be too busy throwing his toys out the pram.

Ron Dennis is no doubt a man of many talents, but his ability to spout mind boggling bilge at a moment’s notice is perhaps a rare and unique talent that is rather exclusively his. He would have us believe that Lewis Hamilton has attained nirvana in the course of racing McLaren cars, and is now the enlightened one. “The driver in our team must have real mental focus and commitment. Lewis has nothing material to think about” says Ron (the part time spiritual guru), “He must appreciate that several people facilitate his life. Expectation and anticipation are not in his daily thought process”. Well, really! And there’s more about half the grid being filled with “useless drivers”, teams being “small, highly trained armies”, “human emotions” (though Lewis is clearly beyond them) and what not, but I wouldn’t want to bore you silly. 

kimigorilla.jpg By the way, if you happen to spot a gorilla pottering about the paddock, don’t be too alarmed…it’s probably just Kimi Raikkonen. Though if you attempt to tug at the head gear and it doesn’t come off easily you will be well advised to leg it. According to reports, when Kimi is not racing snowmobiles pretending to be James Hunt, he is attending boating events in Hanko pretending to be a human gorilla. He was found out after someone noticed the brown gorilla had entered its name in the event as “James Hunt”. Further proof came when the gorilla attached a rope wrongly and someone yelled out “Kimi, don’t put it like that”. The final confirmation was when the gorilla was spotted entering the boat carrying a crate of Finlandia vodka. And just when he thought Jean Todt would never come to know…

Willi Weber, manager of F1 legend Michael Schumacher, might have numerous sterling qualities, but tact is clearly not one of them. It is quite possible that he might have irked Colin Kolles a bit by saying “I would never put one of my drivers in a Spyker. Nico (Hulkenberg) does not need a fast Formula 1 debut”. That is kind of funny because if Nico doesn’t want a “fast” F1 debut, I would have thought Spyker is about ideal. And Colin is by nature a rather patient man (what? He wouldn’t be running Spyker otherwise), but he will be justified in wondering why Weber didn’t just turn down the drive privately, instead opting to make a song and dance out of it to the media. “I will never cooperate with Weber” swears Colin, which you have to admit is a rather lame comeback, but still one has to empathize with the man. All this is no doubt the Lewis Hamilton effect, which has everyone thinking that unless you debut in a Ferrari or a McLaren and rake in a dozen consecutive podiums immediately – you are not worth the trouble. Fernando Alonso spent his debut year in a Minardi being lapped by all and sundry, and he hasn’t turned out too shabbily I would think, what with two consecutive WDCs and all that.

And then there is this other team yet to score a point this season – yes, STR. Well, I bet at least in Spyker you don’t get punched around for finishing last in what is a turkey cleverly posing to be a race car. And this is what Sebastian Vettel seems to have missed out on, now that it has been confirmed Scott Speed will race in Hungary. Clearly when Speed said “I will never drive for those two (Berger and Tost) again”, he didn’t mean it as in “never ever” but just “never in the next two days”. But Vettel took it too literally and was consequently disappointed – “Just as soccer players want to play, race drivers want to race”. Rather an interesting way to state the obvious. Considering the chap seems rather obviously talented, maybe a better race drive awaits.

Five days to go for the Hungarian GP. Forza.

Yesterday you may remember we brought you the news that ‘Our Nige’ or Mr. Stepney as he is otherwise known had hired a private detective in his bid to clear his name in the Stepneygate-Coughlan Murder Mystery (I mean Espionage).

lordstevens.jpgToday it seems Ferrari have gone one better, and hired themselves a former English Chief Police Commissioner going by the name of Lord Stevens to investigate the alleged leaking of technical information to McLaren. Lord Stevens has previous experience of investigating the murkier side of the sports world having already led the investigation into football ‘bungs’ following on from TV claims of back-handers and bribes in the beautiful game. So it looks like he is the best guy for the job and considering McLaren’s Mike Coughlan does not appear to be the sharpest pencil in the box…well we can only think the brown stuff is going to hit the fan sooner or later.

Here at FFN we are wondering if ‘Our Nige’s’ Magnum PI is feeling out of his depth already. Nothing like Chicago rules is there? We are eagerly awaiting to see if Our Nige can top it. Obviously the thought of a private detective and an ex-Chief Police Commissioner running around Maranello, playing at cops and robbers and popping caps left, right and centre hasn’t crossed our minds.

jeantodt.jpgMeanwhile it has been confirmed that Ferrari’s CEO Jean Todt has turned down the chance to meet with Nigel Stepney in person to thrash out just what the devil has been going on. We can only assume Ferrari are terrified of what else might abscond off in the trouser pockets of Mr Stepney should he ever set foot again on Maranello soil, and we just can’t have Ron Dennis turning up next Grand Prix in Jean’s ever permanent trusty red sweater! Either that or Ferrari are already aware of where they have ‘buried their bodies’ and feel they do not need Nige’s kindly meant assistance in pointing them out to all and sundry.

In other news, it is rumoured that it is only a matter of time before Scott Speed is shown the door by the Scuderia Torro Rosso F1 team. Scott broke cover yesterday and told it like it is. (Which makes a change considering his propensity to exaggerate about the size of certain appendages). Speed accused team boss Franz Tost of losing it and assaulting him by punching him in the back after he crashed his car at turn 1 in the rain soaked chaos strewn Grand Prix last Sunday.

We are a little baffled quite why Tost should have lost the plot with Scott this time. Especially considering at least five other Formula 1 drivers all ended up in the same parking lot including golden boy Lewis Hamilton, not to mention team-mate Liuzzi parking his car neatly into the side of a tractor.

franztost.jpgIt’s not like it’s the first time the hapless STR driver pairing have crashed out is it? Here at FFN we would have thought Tost would be half expecting it by now. Maybe he wants to thank his lucky stars he doesn’t have Japanese Stars Takuma Sato or Yuji Ide to deal with on a weekly basis or he could really be pulling his hair out, sticking pencils up his nose, clucking like a chicken and getting shipped off to the funny farm.

Speed declared yesterday that no amount of money would ever tempt him to work with Gerhard Berger and Franz Tost again (why do I feel suddenly hungry?).

Scott is currently testing for STR in Mugello in Italy, ahead of the next Grand Prix in Hungary on the 5th August 2007.

When asked by Autosport Team Boss Franz Tost if Speed would still be driving for STR in Hungary unequivocally said ‘Yes’. However, if current paddock rumours are to be believed it might not be long before Scott is looking for alternative employment.

Never mind Scott, we hear that with NASCAR’s Juan Pablo Montoya’s eating habits there are always plenty of positions going at McDonald’s.

We are so spoiled. F1 has been so much fun of late. What other sport brings you espionage, sabotage, fisticuffs, ‘buried bodies’, smashed up cars and middle aged men making total plonkers of themselves?

magnum-pi.jpgJust two days before the FIA hearing in Paris, which will call McLaren to account for their part in the Stepneygate-Couglan Spying Debacle, we learn that Ferrari’s former glorified but now disgraced Chief Mechanic known as ‘Our Nige’ has hired a private detective.

I know what your instantly thinking…..Magnum P.I. he drove a Ferrari right? and wasn’t his Butler an English buffoon? (played by Coughlan obviously) anyway I digress.

Our Nige has hired afore mentioned private detective to get to the bottom of the supposed ‘conspiracy’ against him. Assuming Magnum P.I. still has his 1980’s Ferrari and fully developed chest-wig and ‘tache were expecting he’d probably roll into Maranello HQ without so much as a blink from the security guards. Cunning Plan. Although how said detective is going to go about getting to the bottom of what is going on when nobody else seems to have the first darned clue we have no idea, perhaps he can hire Jessica Fletcher to help him as she seems to have first hand experience of ‘buried bodies’ and inept crooks.

speedandliuzzi.jpgMeanwhile, it seems it’s not just Ferrari that are having trouble with their staff. On Sunday Scott Speed (or Scott Slow as I affectionately know him) spoke out against the Scuderia Torro Rosso Management claiming that it’s pretty obvious from press statements made by team bosses Gerhard Berger and Franz Tost that they are trying pretty hard to get rid of Scott and Tonio, perish the thought.

This comes on the back of rumours that Scott was allegedly assaulted by team boss Fried Toast (I mean Franz Tost) after sunday’s race. According to current pitlane rumour, after Speed retired from the race he walked into the garage to explain what had happened to Franz, then as he turned away Franz made a grab for his shoulder with one eye witness declaring the move an “assault”. Personally we feel a punch in the face would make for better headlines, but we can’t have it all.

STR Management meanwhile have spoken out about their desire to get up and coming young starlets Sebastian Vettel and Sebatien Bourdais for next year’s drives. No doubt they won’t need to slap Vettel about, instead they can just send him back to his wendy house with no jelly and icecream when he has been naughty.

You have to feel for Speed and Liuzzi really, despite the fact between them they can barely manage to keep the car on track, it must be hard constantly getting a verbal lashing from your management in the morning papers. Perhaps they need some coaching from the Kimster who is a dab hand at not listening to anyone and everyone.

youngbernard.jpgIn other news, it appears young Bernard Ecclestone has gone back on his word. Just a few weeks ago he was gleefully declaring that Formula 1 would never have to go back to Magny-Cours and camping with cows again, now it seems just a few weeks later he has done an about face. Why the sudden change in heart we ask? Apparently our favourite F1 Meglomaniac has had a meeting with the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, and has agreed in principle that Magny-Cours can retain the race until at least 2009 unless another viable option in France becomes available.

We are guessing either Disneyland is fully booked then for the next 2 years, or a small matter of monopoly money exchanged sweaty mitts.

So it was the wind tunnel after all. How awfully predictable! It has been confirmed by Jean Todt today that it was indeed the broken wind tunnel that was the cause of Ferrari’s car development problems, and given our good showing in the practice sessions, it has presumably been set right. “We had a problem with the carpet and we lost about two weeks” says Todt. That explains it…but wait a minute….the carpet? What carpet? Surely not of the flying kind? These wind tunnels must be more advanced than the models you would have built in your childhood using table fans and egg carton seperators. And clearly Aldo Costa doesn’t think the world of them. “We know that our facility is not the largest” he says,  “and is not the most recent one. And we don’t have two wind tunnels, which some other teams have got”. Why ever not? Maybe Kimi Raikkonen can donate some money for Ferrari to get a large, new and secondary wind tunnel. But as long as the…erm… carpet… is fully functional now, the details are insignificant.


 That’s Scott Speed and Vitantonio Liuzzi standing with what appears to be an insanely giant member of  the bovine family. That much is clear, but as to what their purpose could have been remains a mystery in the paddock. There has been much speculation on the topic, but Gerhard Berger has firmly denied rumors that he is selling his stake in STR to a cattle farmer (“For the last time, I am NOT selling my stake in STR, not to Michael Schumacher or Ross Brawn or the local cattle farmer for that matter”). And no, they were not planning to paint it red and make it a Red Bull mascot either. Could it be that with Berger hinting at a Vettel-Bourdais lineup for next year, Speed and Liuzzi are looking for alternate careers? We will keep you posted, as always.

Robert Kubica has been declared fit to race this weekend, but Nick Heidfeld hasn’t been so lucky. It is rumored that all the excess weight from his facial foliage is a strain on his back muscles, and he has been flown to the hospital today complaining of back pain. Sebastian Vettel can’t believe his luck, but he could very well be racing again this weekend. It is hoped that Heidfeld will recover within a week if he consents to shave off his beard. Mario Theissen could not be reached for comments.

The Ferrari drivers appear confident for the weekend, and this time around it looks like they really mean it. “We were competitive and I think that can continue for the rest of the weekend” says Felipe. “I would say that this was quite a positive day,” says Kimi, “We worked well and I think we can be competitive this weekend”. It all looks good then, let’s hope for a Ferrari 1-2 this weekend (yet again). Forza!

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