Exactly as the title suggests, this is your space to give feedback on our little blog.

Hope you enjoyed your visit here and had fun reading, sugarpuff xxxx


183 Responses to “Feedback Section”

  1. pahferrari Says:

    under your section “meet rob smedley” please note and amend the page, he is from
    middlesbrough NOT middlesborough !!

  2. FerrariFan Says:

    Hi F248 and BallinRuskin, good to see you both back. This blog is not going to be updated as frequently as we were doing it a year back, but I will try and make at least one post a week summarizing the week’s events, that’s the plan as of now. If sugarpuff comes back as well, it would definitely get more frequent updates 🙂
    F248 – We are avid Ferrari supporters here at FFN, so unfortunately we do end up in opposite sides after all. But after all these years of supporting Michael, we wish him the best. You won’t find any anti-Michael posts on this blog 🙂

  3. F248 Says:

    I’ll never forget Suzuka 2006 when Schumi’s engine blew up and alonso then passed him waving his hand as in a ‘bye bye’. Hate him

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