ldm.jpgName: Luca Cordero Montezemolo
Nickname: Luca Di
Designation: President-Ferrari, Chairman-FIAT
Born: 31st August 1947, Bologna
Star Sign: Virgo
Nationality: Italian
Marital Status: Married
It is a common myth that Luca’s full name is Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo, however despite explaining in several publications that there is in fact no “Di” in his name the myth still continues today and he is affectionately known by many tifosi as “Luca Di”.

Born in Bologna in 1947, Luca grew up and went to the University of Rome La Sapienza where he studied law, earning his degree in 1971. Luca then went on to attend the University of Columbia in New York where he studied international law for a semester as a visiting student in 1973.

Having driven briefly for the Lancia Rally Team, after his graduation Luca went to work for FIAT. In 1973 he was moved by FIAT to work at Ferrari, where he became the assistant to Enzo Ferrari, and a year later he was promoted to become manager of the Scuderia (the racing division of Ferrari). In 1975 Luca was promoted to become head of FIAT racing activities and by 1977 had become a senior manager in FIAT.

Throughout the 1980’s Luca held many positions throughout the FIAT Empire, He managed the first Italian yacht to enter the America’s Cup and became the manager of the committee that organised the 1990 World Cup which was staged in Italy.

After the death of Enzo Ferrari in 1988, the Ferrari company fell into trouble making huge losses in the road car side of the business and chaos and confusion ensuing in the Scuderia (the racing division). In 1991 FIAT Chairman Gianni Agnelli promoted Luca to become President of Ferrari. It was then Luca’s goal to successfully turn around the road car side of the business and to bring success again to the racing division by winning the F1 world championships.

It was a long haul to bring success back to the racing division, but Luca steadily worked away bringing in key employees who would help to turn the fortunes of the Scuderia around and bring back glory after so many years. One of the key people Luca employed with this task in mind was Jean Todt, who has been credited with much of the praise for changing the fortunes of the racing team.

In 1999 the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro won its first World Constructors Championship since 1983, a year later following up the success winning both the Constructors and the first World Drivers Championship in 21 years.

Following the deaths of both Gianni and Umberto Agnelli, Luca was made the Chairman of the FIAT in 2004.

In 2006, Luca passed on much of his roles and responsibilities at Ferrari to Jean Todt who became the Chief Executive Officer of Ferrari with overall responsibility for both the road car and racing divisions.

Despite having much of his work now centred away from Ferrari, Luca still follows the racing team’s fortunes with passion and loyalty. However Luca does not attend many races throughout the year because he superstitiously believes he brings the team bad luck. He prefers to watch the team’s progress at home where he can display his emotions and feelings without the world watching him. Awwww!