nico-tombazis.jpgName: Nicholas Tombazis
Nickname: Nico
Designation: Chief Car Designer
Born: Athens, Greece
Nationality: Greek
Birth date: 22nd April 1968
Star Sign: Taurus
Marital Status: Married
Nicholas graduated from Imperial College London in 1992, where he had studied aeronautical engineering and subsequently that year when onto begin his career in motor racing with the Benetton F1 team working as an aerodynamicist.

Between 1992 and 1996 he steadily rose up the ranks to become the chief aerodynamicist at Bennetton working alongside other Ferrari “greats” Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn before moving to Ferrari in 1997 to join up once again.

Nicholas stayed with Ferrari as chief aerodynamicist up until the end of 2002, whereupon he took the decision to move with his family back to England and to join up with the McLaren Mercedes team in 2004. This move unfortunately did not pay off for Nicholas, and after spending a year at McLaren where he felt he could not make as much input as he would have liked into the teams designs, and missing Ferrari and Italy he decided to return once more to the Maranello based squad.

Following on from Rory Byrne’s official retirement from the position of chief car designer, Nicholas Tombazis was promoted to the role of chief car designer in 2006 and tasked with the rest of the Ferrari design office to build the F2007.

Nicholas describes his average work day as being 12 hours long and split between the aerodynamic department and the technical office. Working both on solutions toward the current car and towards the following years design plans.

Nicholas is married, with three children. Two daughters and a son, aged 4, 9 and 18 years old respectively. His son currently lives in London, England. When Nicholas goes home he likes to sit and watch the News with his children, and play chess whenever he gets the chance.

Incidentally in his youth Nicholas was a fast runner, and belonged to the top 10 of Greece’s fastest 110 hurdle athletes. So he should know a thing or two about going fast!